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Badas, Sumbawa, Indonesia Cruise Port

Sumbawa is an island in Indonesia. It is part of West Nusa Tenggara, however, there are measures being taken by the Indonesian government that is aimed at turning the island into a different province. Traditionally, the region is well-known as the source of sappanwood that is used to make red dye as well as sandalwood and honey. Its immense grassland and savanna-like climate have made the region ideal for breeding cattle and horses and hunting deer. It is famous among tourists especially for its sandy white beaches and great waves. Many parts of the island are beautiful and the atmosphere is fantastic. Listed below are some of the recommended experiences, activities, and features that visitors cruising to Sumbawa, Indonesia will enjoy:
  • Sumbawa has several ideal places that serve good food. One of the best places to visit is Lisa's Garden. It is known to serve good food and the service is excellent. Visitors are assured of getting their value for money at the establishment.
  • Whales & Waves Beach Resort is a recommended place to stay at in the region. The establishment offers visitors the chance of having a great experience in Sumbawa. The amenities and facilities at the resort are convenient and the atmosphere is great. The staff is also friendly and helpful.
  • History lovers and archaeology enthusiasts alike should definitely make their way to Museum Asi Mbojo. It is the old palace of the sultan that is the former home of the rulers of Bima. To date, it still reflects the colonial style of a renovation that was done in 1927.
  • Photographers will have an amazing time in the region. Sumbawa is beautiful and it offers a myriad of subjects that one can take photos off; these range from the natural elements and features to man-made subjects such as the buildings in the area.

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