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Atka Island, Alaska Cruise Port

For an exploration of nature’s majesty, cruising to Atka Island, Alaska is a must-do. The island has been occupied for at least 2,000 years and is the 22nd largest in the United States, but currently has a population of fewer than 100 citizens; it’s part of Alaska's Andreanof Islands within the Aleutian Islands chain. Once you arrive in Atka (where almost all of the island’s residents live), you'll want to check out the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument. Atka was burned to the ground during WW II, and this marks the spot where a B-24D Liberator Bomber crashed. It’s one of three places in Alaska making up a nine-site monument, and a perfect stopping point for history buffs. But that’s not all this small, but fascinating, island has to offer. Here are some of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Atka Island, Alaska:
  • On the northeast part of Atka Island, you'll find the Korovin volcano. The highest point on the island at 5,030 feet. While it hasn't erupted since 2006, it might be best to admire it from the city of Atka instead of attempting a climb.
  • If you're looking for reindeer, you won't have to wait long: the deer roam all over the island. Want to see marine animals? The island is also home to the endangered Steller sea lion, threatened northern sea otter, and the harbor seal. All wildlife is protected by state law on Atka Island.
  • Bird watchers will be in their glory. The island has plenty of feathered friends upon which to gaze, especially in summer. Species such as puffins, auklets, gulls, storm petrels, cormorants, terns, kittiwakes, murres, pigeon guillemots, and many others are in abundance here; the Aleutian cackling goose, once endangered, has found this an excellent place to re-populate.
  • There’s plenty of open country in which to backpack and explore by foot; because of the changing weather patterns and rocky shoreline, it’s a terrific alternative to kayaking and other water activities.
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