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Atacama, Chile Cruise Port

It is said the large quantities of quartz and copper give the people of Atacama, Chile positive energy. See for yourself with a cruise to Atacama. Atacama boasts some of northern Chile’s most breathtaking scenery. Geysers steaming into the atmosphere, rock formations that appear to come from outer space, and landscapes that masquerade as a layered cake are but a few of the surprises you’ll find here. Continue below for a few highlighted activities waiting for you in the cruise port of Atacama, Chile:
  • Museo Gustavo Le Paige: Even if museums aren’t your cup of tea, you’ll still want to visit the Museo Gustavo Le Paige. Archaeologists love Atacama because of the nearly rainless environment and a visit to this museum will show you why! You’ll see well preserved ceramics and textiles, an amazing collection of Shamanic artifacts, and so much more!
  • Iglesia San Pedro: Want to see a colonial church built with authentic indigenous materials? A trip to Iglesia San Pedro is perfect for you! It dates from the 17th century, with the present walls added in 1745 and the bell tower added in 1890. The church features thick, traditional adobe walls and roof, and a gorgeous ceiling made from cactus wood. It is a perfect place for interesting sightseeing.
  • Café Export: A popular café in Atacama it is an eclectic cave-like spot. It features soft candlelit tables, a roaring fire, and pre-historic style decorations. You won’t find any other place quite like it. Here you can enjoy strong coffee, fresh homemade pasta, and flavorful pizzas.
  • Shop at the Paseo Artesanal: Here is where you will find unique Chilean souvenirs to bring home to your friends and family. Cactus wood carvings, llama and alpaca woolens, and other unique trinkets are waiting for your discovery.

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