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Aru Islands, Indonesia Cruise Port

Looking for a quiet port where you can do plenty of snorkeling? The cruise port of Aru Islands, Indonesia is considered both unusual and isolated, a dream for those looking to escape noisy tourist areas. Once upon a time, the Arus may have been one larger island; now the area is comprised of about 95 low-lying islands in the Maluku province, north of Australia and southwest of New Guinea. Islands of note include Tanahbesar, also called Wokam, which is the largest island; other stops include Dobo (which is on Wamar, and is the most regular port of call), as well as Kola, Kobroor, Maikoor, and Trangan. With an economy that includes pearl farming and coconuts as major sources of income, this is a tropical retreat of a lifetime. Here are some of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Aru Islands, Indonesia:
  • "The Forgotten Islands" have some of the best diving found around Indonesia. Divers enjoy crystal clear waters, coral bommies, and spectacular wall dives. Chances are also good you'll encounter marine life such as Bumphead parrotfish, Spanish mackerel, and hammerhead sharks (to name just a few).
  • Butterfly enthusiasts will find some incredibly unique species within the islands. In fact, British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace declared Aru's great bird-winged butterfly to be “one of the most magnificent insects the world contains.”
  • The local population seems to be a tightly-knit one; experience their artistry, which includes woodcarvings and sculptures that reference ancestral figures, handwoven ikat fabrics, and braided bamboo and palm baskets. Bronze age statues and drums have also been found on the islands.
  • While you won't find mountains on the islands, there are some beautiful beaches - along with a multitude of wildlife. This includes marsupial species, such as those found in Papua or Australia, as well as rare Birds of Paradise and plenty of crocodiles.
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