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Aride, Seychelles Cruise Port

Aride, also known as Aride Island, is a granitic island located in the northernmost region of Seychelles. However, the island does not hold the title of being the Northernmost Island in the collection of islands that comprise the Seychelles, this title belongs to the neighboring Bird Island. Aride Island is an important part of the district of Grand'Anse that is considered to be an approximate 10 km North of the famed Praslin Island. Aride Island covers an approximate area of 38 square kilometers. The only residents inhabiting the island are the Seychelles Island Conservation Society's reserve staff which consists of four citizen rangers, two volunteers, and two conservation officers who should meet the requirement of being expatriates. Listed below are some of the recommended experiences and activities that visitors can enjoy after cruising to Aride, Seychelles:
  • Birdwatchers and photographers alike will be thrilled to tour the island famed for having the most breeding species of sea birds in comparison to the other islands in the area. The area is also the sole breeding site for red-tailed tropicbirds, sooty tern, and roseate tern.
  • Nature and wildlife lovers should pay a visit to the island's nature reserve. Here, visitors can catch glimpses of some unique reptiles like three species of non-poisonous snakes, some species of gecko and skink, and the endangered sea turtles and hawksbill turtle.
  • The island also boasts of having some very unique dive sites that are ideal for swimming and snorkeling. These activities are further enhanced by the reefs in the area that attract a vast array of around 450 species of brightly colored marine wildlife.
  • The flora of the island is an additional attraction. Visitors interested in the plant life of the region should visit the island's nature reserve which plays host to a flower species called the Wright's gardenia which grows only on this island.
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