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Ariau , Brazil Cruise Port

Manaus is a metropolitan city with over 2 million residents and is the capital city of the Amazonas state, located in the North Region of Brazil. Its major port, Port Flutuante, uses an ingenious innovation known as floating docks that allows for almost any type of cruise ship because the docks rise or sink depending on the fluctuating river levels. Manaus was once the world center for rubber production and the powerful “rubber barons” decorated the city to match their extravagant lifestyles. Much of the current architecture dates back to those old days and is modeled after European designs including a replica of the Grand de Opera of Paris. Ariau is a resort town to the northwest of the city. Other than the spectacular looking Ariau Towers, the resort is known for its tropical rainforests, which visitors enjoy hiking through to see the beautiful flora and dangerous fauna, including alligators and piranhas.


  • The best time to view gators in their boggy natural habitat is at night—and never alone. A number of alligator spotting tours are offered during the wee hours for the most exciting and safest excursions.
  • Piranha fishing is a thrilling “sport” that also takes place in the Ariau rainforests. These aggressive fish don’t like being caught—not that many fish do—so it’s truly man vs. nature.
  • Ponta Negra Beach is a busy and exciting beach along the Rio Negro. The wide, walkable beach is not nearly as wide as the impressive river or the great views offered from its shores.
  • The Teatro Amazonas is a magnificent theater in the heart of Manaus with a tiled, mosaic dome that shines bright in the colors of the Brazilian flag.

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