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Arequipa (Matarani), Peru Cruise Port

Arequipa is without a doubt a charming colonial city that is located in Peru. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is immensely popular for its architecture which is mainly built of sillar which is a white volcanic rock. This is attributed to be behind the reason why in some cases Arequipa is referred to as the white city. The city has a rich history which is reflected in the architecture and various other aspects evident in it. Matarani is a port city that is located in Arequipa Region Peru and is one of the major ports of the country which is operated by Tisur. It is one of the ports that make the Peruvian termini. Taking a cruise to Arequipa port is a good choice not only for the experience of a life-time but also to learn. Featured below are some of the features and places that are worth taking note of at Arequipa:
  • The Jesuit Church is a place worth visiting at the city mainly because of the architectural design. The façade is regarded to be among the best examples of the Mestizo Baroque architecture. This represents a fusion of indigenous, Creole and Baroque styles.
  • The Convent of Santa Catalina is one of the recommended places for tourists to visit. This is mainly because of the history of the convent and its design. There is a part of the monastery that members of the public are allowed to access.
  • The city is also known for Alpaca, which is wool that comes from the Andean camels, and it is considered not only valuable but also very fine. The wool and products made from it are very popular in many places.
  • Arequipa is known for its colonial architecture and white facades which make the city wondrous, unique and an ideal destination for visitors that are ready to explore. A cruise to the port offers a visitor the opportunity to admire the spectacular pre-Inca terraces and the condors of Colca Canyon.
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