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Aparri, Philippines Cruise Port

A hidden gem of the Philippines, Aparri has much to offer travelers. Pristine beaches, decadent cuisine, and fascinating Filipino, Japanese, and Spanish history are a few of the things waiting for you here. You can stand on the Aparri Delta and breathe in the natural beauty. You can try locally caught fish prepared in ways you have never seen before. Or you can relax, catch some rays on the white beaches and take it easy for a while. Continue below to find out some of our recommended things to do in the cruise port of Aparri, Philippines:
  • Relax on Pristine Beaches: Aparri has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines and a day spent relaxing on the beach is a day well spent!
  • Eat Local Foods: Fishing is a cornerstone industry of the Philippines and the fish will be some of the freshest you have ever tasted. Try one of the Philippines’ most exclusive fish—the ludong. It’s a variety of Pacific salmon that is only caught after a heavy rainfall because the freshwater fish are pushed into the sea.
  • Visit Tuguegarao: Approximately two hours away from Aparri, Tuguegarao City is the capital of the Cagayan region and one of the fastest growing cities in the Philippines. Take a day trip there and experience a city overflowing with culture, architectural beauty, and history.
  • Experience Aparri Delta: Stand where the Cagayan River meets the West Philippine Sea. Walk out on the jetty, the intersection of the river and sea, and look out onto the majestic waves crashing and mixing with the calm river.

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