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Aniwa Island, Vanuatu Cruise Port

The tiny cruise port of Aniwa Island in the southernmost province of Vanuatu is one filled with a variety of marine life, vivid coral reef, sponges and overgrown anemones surrounding dark lava rock. More than that, it’s a small uplifted coral platform with very warm and friendly inhabitants, mostly descendants of Samoa, Wallis and Futuna. Access to the island is mostly through the use of small outboard motor boats as the main village of Ikaokao remains fairly unmodified over the years. The scenic view of Yasur volcano in Tanna Island, spectacular azure blue lagoon and rich coral gardens against a backdrop of white-sand beaches is all you need to usher you into a world of Polynesian exploits. Check out the various excursions to consider during your cruise to Aniwa Island, Vanuatu:
  • Glean into the fascinating tribal life of Yakel Kastom Village and experience centuries-old traditions still being practiced today. This Tanna Island tour is off the beaten track and opens a window into the traditional lifestyle of the inhabitants as they preserve the culture of the South Pacific in an intriguing way. Watch as they grow vegetables, use forest plants for medicinal purposes and live entirely off the land.
  • The glow of Mount Yasur volcano can be seen better in the dark. According to history, this was what enticed Captain James Cook during his first expedition to the island in 1774. As one of the most well-known active volcanoes in the world, you’re sure to enjoy incredible sounds of the volcano and the light of lava exploding.
  • Watch as waves gently lap onto the white sandy beach of Aniwa lagoon. This picturesque waterbody is simply breathtaking with tranquil crystal blue water surrounded by white beaches, coconut trees and several distant islands. Take a dip and snorkel through colorful and rich coral gardens on the outer reefs.

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