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Anegada, British Virgin Islands Cruise Port

Anegada is the northernmost island on the British Virgin Islands archipelago. It’s a rather small island that’s about 15 square miles and has fewer than 300 permanent residents; it is unique among the fellow islands in its famous group in that it was originally formed by erosion of limestone and coral (the other British Virgin Islands were formed in the aftermath of a volcanic eruption). Therefore, unlike the other, primarily mountainous islands, Anegada is low and flat—its highest point clocking in at about 28 feet above sea level. The island has a small harbor with small shops and businesses; however, most cruise ships dock deeper in the ocean and deploy tendering crafts for guests. Most of the population lives in the main town, known as the Settlement, which invites tourists to explore their quaint little part of the world with shops, fishing, beaches and phenomenal views.


  • Divers are delighted by Horseshoe Reef which is part of the Anegada reef, the third largest in the world. Because of the many historical ship wrecks, there is quite a lot for underwater explorers to see.
  • Cow Wreck Beach is a quintessential Caribbean beach with its smooth white sands and calming waters. There are a number of bars and restaurants along the path, adding to the local flavor.
  • Located in the heart of the Settlement, the Faulkner House Museum provides a look into Anegada’s history. It was once the home of Theo Faulkner, a founding father of the British Virgin Islands.
  • Gaze at beautiful flamingos and other protected bird species at the centrally located Flamingo Pond. The locale is always brimming with birds whenever you go.

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