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Anadyr, Russia Cruise Port

Anadyr is a port city that is located in the north eastern part of Russia. It was founded in 1889 and was initially called Novo-Mariinsk. It was later renamed Anadyr in 1923. The population of the city as of 2015 was estimated at 14,300. The city has many industries which employ a large fraction of the population. The city has a fishing plant and on the outskirts coal and gold are mined. The other local industries that the city is known for are hunting, and fishing. The climate is maritime, subarctic, harsh, and the warm period is usually immensely short. Winters, on the other hand, are long. The weather varies throughout the year. Depending on the time, the city can either be cold or warm, and some months are wetter than others. Featured below are some of the aspects that make cruising to Anadyr port ideal:
  • One of the biggest wind power plants in the whole of Russia is located near the town. The sea port is also the largest in the entire region and it is connected to numerous other ports. These are just some of the features the city has to offer.
  • There are various means of transport that can be used to tour the city. These include flights, motorboats, ferries and helicopters. The best means of travel depends on the period that one is visiting the region mainly due to the weather which affects mobility.
  • The city has numerous interesting places that stand out. These range from the industries to the unique aspects that it is associated with. The population is also small which makes it a good place to visit because of less traffic on the streets and roads.
  • The town is located at the top of a big cape, which gives a spectacular view of the Anadyr River. Mountains and large expanses of tundra can also be observed from the town. This offers a beautiful and dynamic view of the scenery from different locations.

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