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Amazon River, Brazil Cruise Port

As you cruise along the Amazon River in Brazil, you will see amazing sunrises and incredible natural features. The Amazon River is home to many unique species including the pink dolphin and rare bird life. The world’s largest river boasts the richest ecosystem that is meant to be explored in this fashion. The Amazon River covers eight different South American countries including Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela. The history of the Amazon is still being discovered to this day, leaving a wonderful mystery that lies along the lush green forests of the river. Explore the area’s flora and fauna where you are sure to see some sloths, monkeys, bird species and beautiful Amazonian plants. The Yacapana Isles or “Isle of the Iguana” can also be visited from here and as you’ve guessed it, is filled with interesting reptiles. Here are a few of our favorite things to experience while cruising the Amazon River in Brazil:
  • Early risers can view the breathtaking sunrise as it approaches the horizon and sheds light onto the lush forests.
  • Try out some piranha fishing with the local Naturalist or explore the “Isle of the Iguana” where many resident reptiles can be found.
  • Right before dusk, make sure to have a camera handy as you pass pink and gray dolphins swimming about.
  • Explore the area’s exciting forests with an expert guide where you will be able to see bald uakari monkeys, squirrel monkeys, birds and sloths.

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