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Akpatok Island-west, Canada Cruise Port

If you’re interested in getting back to nature, then cruising to the port of Akpatok Island, Canada should scratch that itch. Located in the Qikiqtaaluk – also known as Baffin – Region of Nunavut in Ungava Bay (near Quebec’s northern coast), this limestone island is known for its sheer cliffs and somewhat notorious history: before moving to the mainland, Akpatok had a few issues with cannibalism. Today, you’ll find that only non-human animals inhabit this space, including polar bears, seals, and an abundance of thick-billed murres (along with other notable bird species). Speaking of our feathered friends, Akpatok considered an Important Bird Area in Canada, and a Key Migratory Bird Terrestrial Habitat site, making this is an excellent trip for birders. Full of legend and mystery, Akpatok Island may never fully disclose all of the secrets of its past. Here are some favorite experiences for the cruise port of Akpatok Island, Canada:
  • Visit the remains of a Dorset settlement, found at the island’s southern end. This is a culture that came before Inuit people inhabited the Arctic (more than 3,000 years ago), but eventually moved from the island completely. Sharp eyes may spot items such as drawings and artefacts.
  • Birdwatchers can add the black guillemot and peregrine falcon to their list of birds to spot along with other migratory seabirds.
  • Interested in the larger animals? You’re in luck; along with the aforementioned bears and seals, Akpatok is a haven for all sorts of Artic creatures, such as walrus. The island has International Biological Program status, so animals are protected while being studied.
  • Across the Hudson Strait, nearby Kimmirut (on the southernmost peninsula of Baffin Island) was once a trading post for the Hudson's Bay Company. There is a flourishing artistic community there now, where you can buy authentic stone carvings and jewelry made with gems found in the area.

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