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Akpatok Island, Canada Cruise Port

The Akpatok Island is located at the northern part of the Labrador Peninsula and is situated at Ungava Bay. The island attracts and is conducive for hordes of wildlife, the most famous being the thick-billed murre. The name of the Island is derived from the Akpat which is the thick-billed murre. The murre is a black and white diving bird that mainly inhabits the northern seas. It is known to live on the ledges along the limestone cliffs that surround the island. The Inuktitut name of the animal is the Akpatok. Inuktitut is basically a native language that is widely spoken in Nunavut, Greenland and Northwest Territories. The Island has a lot to offer, especially the spectacular scenery and wildlife. Some of the best reasons to go for a cruise to the Akpatok Island port, Canada are featured below:
  • The Island is an Important Bird Area that is located in Canada. It is also a Key Migratory Bird Terrestrial Habitat site. It is home to multiple bird species such as the thick-billed murre, black guillemot, polar bear, walrus, seal and the peregrine falcon.
  • The Island has the largest number of breeding thick-billed murres in Canada. The number is estimated at 520,000 breeding pairs. The aucks usually flock to the cliffs in the southern and northern reaches of Akpatok Island between the months of June to September.
  • A large number of glaucous gulls are usually present around the cliffs with the intention of preying on chicks and eggs that are not guarded and black guillemots are often seen paddling around the nearby sea. This scenario offers a chance to observe nature at its best.
  • The Island is well-known for its iconic and spectacular scenery. It is characterized by sheer and steep limestone cliffs and natural elements that are rare. The island has icy waters, it is covered in snow and as expected the weather is chilly.
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