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Ainsworth Bay, Antarctica Cruise Port

Ainsworth Bay is an ice-filled recession of the coastline that stretches five miles wide between Antarctica’s Cape Bage and Cape Webb. This plot was discovered by the Australasian Antarctic Expedition that ran from 1911 to 1914, and was named after George Ainsworth, an expedition member who served as leader and meteorologist on Macquarie Island from 1911 to 1913. The continent of Antarctica is unique to the rest of the world because it contains no countries or a population. It’s generally visited for research purposes and occasionally stations are set up for long-term data gathering. Despite its sub-zero climate, Antarctica is classified as a desert and since the continent’s area is over 5,400,000 square miles, it is by far the largest desert in the world. Over 98 percent of all land is covered in ice, making Ainsworth Bay not unusual, but a definite point of interest since it stood out as scientifically interesting so long ago.


  • While Ainsworth Bay is uninhabitable, ships are permitted to cruise past for photo opportunities. The stunning mountain ranges are of particular interest.
  • The Southern Ice Fields are a grand site to witness and many multi-day tours of the area are available allowing tourists to view some of the UNESCO World Biosphere reserves.
  • On many Antarctic cruises the visual highlights include icebergs, deep cut fjords, and wildlife like penguins and polar bears—from a safe distance, of course.
  • Ainsworth Bay, while small and somewhat easy to miss, is often included on cruises that dare to venture into the lesser-traveled corners of the icy continent.

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