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Oceania Cruises' Beverage Package Options

Enhance your vacation with any choice of the following beverage packages! While optional, many guests opt for these choices for a worry-free, inclusive cruise!


Oceania Cruises aims to treat their guests to the best alcoholic drink packages for both casual and refined drinkers. Unlike some other cruise lines, they don't charge extra for soft drinks and teas. Plus, you can upgrade your experience with an optional beverage package. The packages serve to enhance your experience and offer a greater selection of the drinks and brands you love.

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Why should I choose a beverage package?

  • Convenience - Having a nice steak and want to pair it with some red wine? Just order and enjoy! 
  • Transparency - If you add a beverage package, your bill is taken care of! In some cases, drinks are added to your stateroom and you can be responsible for the bill upon return.
  • Variety - With Oceania, you can order any beer and wine at dinner, or upgrade to the Prestige Package to enjoy any drink, any time, anywhere.


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House Select+ Package

The House Select+ is an add-on meant to be enjoyed specifically during lunch and dinner. You can choose your favorites from a long list of beers, wines, white spirits, whiskies, liqueurs, rums, tequilas, cognacs, and a barrage of cocktails. This package also included non-alcoholic options, such as premium coffees and non-alcoholic cocktails that can be paired with or ordered in lieu of traditional cocktails.

$39.95 USD per person, per day.



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Prestige Package

The Prestige Package includes all the drink options from House Select+ but allows you to savor them in unlimited quantity whenever and wherever you choose to unwind.

$59.95 USD per person, per day.



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Wine by the Bottle

For wine connoisseurs, this package invites you to sample a minimum of seven bottles of wine that have been hand-selected just for you. Oceania Cruises' specialty sommeliers curate a decadent selection of wines at the special price of $47.50 each (gratuity included). Choose any combination of red, white, rose, or sparkling wines to best suit your personal palette.



* Drink package details and pricing subject to change; accurate at time of publication.

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