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FAQ for Monograms Pre- & Post-Cruise Vacation Packages

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for pre- or post-cruise tours from Monograms!


Discover why Monograms' pre- or post-cruise packages are a great way to extend your cruise vacation from The Cruise Web. If, after reading through our Monograms FAQ, you still have questions, please call 1-800-377-9383 to speak with one of our friendly vacation experts!

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Why add a pre- or post-cruise tour from Monograms?

Monograms offers a unique blend of independence and support, giving you the chance to extend your cruise vacation at a great value, often conveniently to/from your port of embarkation or disembarkation. CLICK HERE to learn more about Monograms pre- and post-cruise packages.


When can I book my Monograms land extension?

Depending on your itinerary and departure/return date, you may be able to book your Monograms pre- or post-cruise extension at the same time you book your cruise. For select cruise itineraries, especially those booked further in advance, it may be necessary to wait until closer in towards your sailing date; please call 1-800-377-9383 regarding your specific vacation plans.


What's included in each Monograms package?

Every Monograms package includes a centrally-located hotel, daily buffet breakfasts, guided sight-seeing and select transportation. Additional meals, transfers and excursions are available with select packages; call 1-800-377-9383 to learn more.


What is NOT included in the package price?

Unless otherwise stated, Monograms pre- and post-cruise packages do not include airfare, airline baggage fees, government taxes, passports/visas fees, vaccinations (if applicable), airport/pier transfers, tips, laundry services, alcohol, select meals (as outlined in itinerary; varies by package), optional excursions and anything else not outlined in the guest package.


Are airport and/or pier transfers included?

Unless otherwise stated, airport and/or pier transfer services are not included in the base fare. However, for many cities and gateways, transfers can be added for an additional fee; call 1-800-377-9383 for details. If added, please confirm the inclusion of your transfer(s) in your travel documents.


Are hotel reservations included?

Yes, Monograms land packages include hotel reservations in well-rated, prime locations. In many cases, guests have a choice of hotels, with the option to "upgrade" to a hotel that best suits your travel needs.


What meals are included?

Every Monograms package includes breakfast, but lunch and dinner are typically not part of pre- and post-cruise land packages. We suggest that guests take advantage of their Local Host to find somewhere local to dine and really experience each destination. In select packages, usually those in more remote locations, lunch and/or dinner may also be included.


What sightseeing is included?

City sightseeing is included in each destination, usually provided by a Local Host. City tours offer VIP access to popular sites and are a great way to get oriented to a new destination. In many cases, you will have a day of guided sightseeing followed by a day to explore on your own (but Local Hosts are always available for suggestions and directions).


What is VIP sightseeing?

VIP sightseeing takes you to famous landmarks and popular sites while bypassing most lines and giving your more to experience your destination. You also have the personal guidance of a Local Host, with the knowledge and insight that only a local would have.


What is a Local Host?

Your Local Host is a friendly on-site local guide that will help you get oriented to your new destination and answer any questions you may have throughout the duration of your pre- or post-cruise extension. If your package includes multiple cities, your Local Host will guide you to the next leg of your vacation by helping you arrange transportation. When you reach your next city, you will be greeted by your new Local Host—this one local to and familiar with your new city!


Are Monograms packages the same in each destination?

Monograms packages will vary depending on their length and region visited, but the goal is the same—to provide a convenient, personal and immersive travel experience that complements your cruise vacation. To confirm hotel accommodations, tours, meals and all the other details, please call 1-800-377-9383.


Can I personalize my Monograms package?

Of course! In many cities you will have a choice of hotels, as well as the option to include optional airport/pier transfers. Plus, while each package includes at least some sightseeing, we encourage adding additional excursions or experiences during your free time.


Will someone meet me at the airport, pier or hotel?

Yes. If you've included optional airport or pier transfers, you will be greeted by friendly host to be escorted to your hotel. When you arrive at your hotel, you will be greeted by a Local Host, and they will serve as your city guide for the duration of your stay.


How does transportation work for multi-city packages?

Depending on your land package, transportation between cities may be included. If not included, it will be available for purchase, and could be available by way of plane, train, bus or car. If your Monograms pre- or post-cruise extension includes multiple cities, your package also likely includes transfers to any applicable transportation stations (airports, train stations, etc.). Please call 1-800-377-9383 to confirm package details.


Are there any luggage guidelines or restrictions?

Monograms guests should be able to handle their own luggage, so please take this into consideration when choosing and packing for your trip. We suggest keeping bags below 50lbs, but air carriers may have their own size/weight limits for both carry-on and checked bags. For carrier-specific restrictions and fees, please contact your air carrier directly. Luggage size and/or weight restrictions may be stricter for safaris and other exotic destinations where space and cargo capacity is limited. Please confirm well before your departure date. NOTE: The Cruise Web and Monograms are not responsible for any additional baggage fees imposed on guests by air carriers or the like.


What is included in my Trip Planner from Monograms?

- Vacation certificate
- Travel vouchers (if applicable)
- Daily itinerary
- Airport transfer information (if applicable)
- Hotel list including address and description
- Additional activities and excursions available through Monograms
- Airline tickets/E-ticket receipts (if applicable)
- Information on key sights and attractions
- Destination info including average temperatures, what to pack, currencies and a bit of the local language
- Passport, visa and entry document information
- Baggage tag and travel wallet


Do I need a passport and/or visa?

If traveling internationally, US citizens will need a passport valid through at least six months beyond the vacation end date, and some countries will also require a visa. To confirm passport, visa and document requirements, please visit


Are Monograms packages handicap accessible?

While Monograms will attempt to accommodate disabilities and special needs, their tour packages are probably not ideal for most guests requiring specific mobility accommodations. Destinations visited and transportation services utilized may not be handicap accessible, and Monograms claims no responsibility in the event that they are unable to accommodate certain mobility needs.


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* Rates and offers are subject to select dates and categories. All rates, offers and vacation packages are capacity controlled, based on double occupancy (two people sharing a room), subject to availability and confirmation, and may change without notice. Gratuities are included for services during the land stay of your vacation (including wait staff at included meals, hospitality staff at hotels for nights purchased through Monograms, and porterage at hotels for one suitcase per person) unless otherwise noted. Gratuities for your Tour Director, Local Hosts, local guides, drivers, and ship crew are not included in the vacation price (unless otherwise noted in pricing details) and are discretionary. Additional restrictions apply. Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed; please confirm details at time of booking. Itinerary descriptions and photos are for sample purposes only; actual activities may vary.

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