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Sail your way to the ultra-exotic beauty of the Galapagos Islands for a cruise vacation filled with one-of-a-kind experiences. Astounding wildlife such as Galapagos turtles, native iguanas, sea lions, Darwin’s finches and blue-footed boobies will leave you with wide-eyed excitement. Snorkeling excursions and hiking lava rock trails will challenge and thrill you. Views of breeching whales and ocean-side cliffs will make an imprint in your memory.

See for yourself what sparked Darwin’s theory of evolution, and take a scenic cruise to the Galapagos Islands.



Things to Do on a Cruise to Galapagos Islands


The Galapagos Islands are an amazing showcase of unique beauty and wildlife. The island’s inhabitants have focused on leaving the island as untouched as possible, so you can experience the Galapagos Islands as nature intended. You’ll see iguanas, giant tortoises, bright crabs and, of course, the famous blue-footed booby. Featured below are some of the best ways to spend your time when cruising to the Galapagos Islands:


Galapagos Cruises to Bartolome Island Galapagos Islands Equador
  • Make a wet landing on one of the Galapagos’ many islands, such as Bartolome Island, and can explore the beach while a naturalist points out the diverse wildlife, including sea turtles, Galapagos hawks and more. The waters off the coast of Bartolome Island are also great for snorkeling, so you can discover new sea life as well.
  • Head inland on a hike through Santa Cruz Island. Keep your eyes peeled for various types of finches and iguanas, and perhaps even flamingoes. You’ll find that the beauty of the Galapagos Islands sweeps throughout the islands, coast and inland, sea and air.
Galapagos Cruises blue footed booby San Cristobal Island
  • Take a Zodiac ride around the Galapagos’ coastline in search of the island’s creatures, like blue-footed boobies, fur seals, sea lions and more. This will also offer a unique perspective of the island’s unique geology where limestone meets lava to form the stunning landscapes.
  • Tour the Charles Darwin Research Station to find out more about the conservation efforts taking place within the islands. The Research Station is also home to a program raising giant tortoises, and is only a short distance from nearby shopping if you feel the itch to get a souvenir.
Galapagos cruises sea lion on a lava bed on Fernandina Island
  • Hike to Tortuga Bay, one of the Galapagos Island’s most scenic spots. You’ll follow a paved trail guiding you through the cacti while the island’s friendly creatures scurry and soar all around you. From Tortuga Bay, you can make your way to a secluded lagoon that’s perfect for a cooling swim.
  • To see the birds and sea life brimming in the deeper waters surrounding the Galapagos Islands, take an open ocean Zodiac ride from Fernandina Island. This will be your best bet to see dolphins and sea birds in their natural environment.

Map of Galapagos Island:

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Galapagos: Cruise Lines

Looks like you’ve chosen the exotic and unique Galapagos Islands for your next cruise. Now it’s time to find the right cruise line to take you there. Learn more about the experience you can expect from each cruise line by exploring the options below or give us a call for our expert advice.

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Galapagos: Departure Ports

Featured below are the possible departure ports for your Galapagos cruise vacation from The Cruise Web. Your unforgettable Galapagos Islands experience could begin from any of the following cities:

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