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The Nile River offers a myriad of cultural attractions, man-made marvels, and deep history to discover on a river cruise.

Cruise the Nile River as the Pharaohs of Egypt did long ago and discover ancient treasures and intriguing peoples. Imagine the Pyramids of Giza, towering over you and reminding you of the mystery which enshrouded one of the world’s greatest civilizations. Spend some time in Luxor, where you can find the Valley of the Kings, or Lake Nasser, created to control the flooding of the Nile.

Sailing the Nile River for a cruise to Egypt will be a one-of-a-kind vacation from the norm.


Things to Do on a Cruise to Egypt


A cruise to Egypt is a trip back in time. During your cruise you’ll devote most of your time to learning about the country’s ancient roots. From the amazing Pyramids to the fascinating Nile and the extensive book collection at the Alexandria Library, you’ll leave Egypt with a greater appreciation for their contributions to society. Featured below are suggested things to do for making the most of your time cruising to Egypt:


Pyramids of Giza
  • The Pyramids of Giza are the only remaining of the 7 ancient wonders of the world. You cannot miss them when in Egypt. Nearby you will also see the mysterious Sphinx. During the day you can ride a camel around the Pyramids, a fun excursion to get you in the Egyptian mood.
  • Head to the Red Sea for a little R ‘n’ R. This spot is popular among divers and snorkelers for the colorful coral, clownfish and other sea life.
Valley of the Kings near Luxor
  • The Valley of the Kings in Luxor is a stunning site where many of Egypt’s pharaohs were buried, including King Tut. Here you’ll learn about their legacies and the burial practices of the Egyptians.
  • Though the original Alexandria Library no longer exists, you can visit the new site, which has millions of books, four museums and a multimedia presentation called Culturama.
Temple Karnak in Egypt
  • Explore the temples that are all over Egypt. The Temple Karnak is one of the largest ever built, and Abu Simbel in Aswan has four statutes dedicated to Pharaoh Ramesses II.
  • To get a true education about the pharaohs and beliefs of the Egyptians, you’ll have to spend some time at the Egyptian Museum, which has thousands of artifacts, many of which are thousands of years old. One of the museum’s highlights is the mummy room.


Map of Egypt:

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Egypt: Cruise Lines

See the pyramids, learn about legendary pharaohs and experience a country with an amazing past when you cruise to Egypt. For an in-depth look at Egypt you must experience a river cruise on the Nile. 

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Egypt: Departure Ports

When we think of Egypt we think of the amazing ancient civilization of Egyptians. This supremely advanced group of people that was responsible for building the pyramids, who created a written language and had mystical beliefs and supreme pharaohs including the beguiling Cleopatra. If you want to experience this magical land you can take a river cruise from Cairo. 

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