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UPDATE: As of 6/5/2019, cruises to Cuba are no longer available due to travel restrictions imposed by the United States. However, you can STILL visit Cuba with our Land Tour operators!

Land Tours to Cuba:
- Cosmos Land Tours
- Globus Journeys
- Kensington Tours
- Tauck Land Tours

To learn about alternative cruise vacations, including land tours, please call 1-800-377-9383.


Learn a little more about what to expect when sailing to Cuba, if/when cruising returns to Cuba:

For the first time in several decades, US tourism is returning to Cuba. Culturally and technologically speaking, much of Cuba has been stuck in the 1950s since revolutions and political turmoil led to a series of trade embargos. This means Cuba is still catching up with the rest of the world, but that’s part of the experience when cruising to Cuba! Be one of the firsts to explore this unique nation before it loses any of its unique nostalgia. Depending on your itinerary, you might be able to tour cities like Havana, Trinidad and Santiago – each of which features wistful combinations of old and new. Take in the bustling streets full of laughing children, spicy Caribbean rhythms and vintage cars, or head to untouched (and uncrowded!) beaches for a peaceful retreat.


Things to Do on a Cruise to Cuba


Take in the bright colors while dancing through the streets of Havana, tour a cigar factory or spend the day at an isolated beach. These are just a few of the memorable experiences available to you on a cruise to Cuba:



Cuban Beach
  • Step back in time with an architectural tour of Havana, a city that appears straight out of the 1950s. Visit the expansive Revolution Square and stroll along cobble-stoned streets lined with vintage cars.
  • Spend a day at one of Cuba’s picturesque white sand beaches. Right away you’ll notice that the beaches in Cuba are much less crowded but no less beautiful than those found in the more visited Caribbean islands.


Cuban Cigars
  • Tour an authentic Cuban cigar factory and learn about the country’s fabled cigar history. You’ll leave with a huge appreciation for the craft after seeing all the work that goes into one of Cuba’s famous hand-rolled cigars.
  • Visit the National Museum of Fine Arts to view a vast collection of Cuban art spanning multiple styles and time periods. This will help paint a broader picture of Cuba as a whole, and you’ll enjoy a break from the Cuban heat!
Morro Castle in Havana, Cuba
  • Walk along the fortified walls of the Morro Castle, a former Spanish military complex that now features museum exhibits and one of the finest views of downtown Havana.
  • Walk the lively streets of Havana at night for a totally different Cuban experience. Follow the beat towards an impromptu musical performance or step into any number of night clubs for a refreshing drink.



Map of Cuba:

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Cuba: Cruise Lines

Now that relations with Cuba and the United States have improved, this sunny island nation is turning into one of the hottest cruise destinations in the Caribbean. Prepare for unique cultural experiences, fascinating history and tasty cuisine in a nation that few outsiders have ever experienced. You can currently cruise to Cuba aboard any of the following cruise lines:

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Cuba: Departure Ports

Learn more about the departure ports that feature cruises to Cuba. The coast of the United States may not be far from Cuba, but the cultural divide is huge – and this adds to the experience of traveling to this fascinating new Caribbean destination! Your Cuba cruise vacation could depart from any of the following cities:

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