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Expedition cruises to the Arctic are exciting adventures where you become an explorer. You’ll gear up to head out into the brisk temperatures, you’ll observe the region’s wildlife and you’ll listen to lectures on the ecosystem, history and the research that’s been conducted throughout the Arctic Circle. It’s more than a really cold region; the Arctic has a lot of surprises to offer, like the Aurora Borealis (also known as the Northern Lights) or the fact that in the summer the sun seemingly never sets. It’s the land of the Midnight Sun – a place where you can see polar bears roaming and narwhals swimming in the water. 


Things to Do on a Cruise to Arctic


While on your Arctic expedition cruise your days will be filled with adventure. Have your binoculars ready for wildlife spotting and get geared up to handle the weather. At night you’ll be able to reflect on your adventures in the warmth of your well-appointed cruise ship. Featured below are a few of our top picks for things to do on an Arctic cruise:


Artic Cruise Viking ship in Lofoten Islands, Norway
  • Spend some time at the Arctic-alpine Botanic Garden in Tromso, Norway. This is the northernmost botanic garden in the world and features rare fauna from the region, as well as many stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.
  • Visit Norway's Haholmen Island, home to adventurer Ragnar Thorseth, to learn about his expeditions and see replicas of Viking ships. Spend extra time wandering this small fishing village, or swing by the pub for a pint and some fresh seafood.
Artic Cruise Lynx in the snow
  • Check out the graceful whales in the water and majestic birds in the sky as you approach Bear Island. Plus, if weather conditions permit, you’ll be able to make land and explore the island.
  • Enjoy a lecture about the animals that call the Arctic home, or another one on the region’s geology. No matter which itinerary you choose, your cruise will take you to the vast wonderland of wildlife and stunning landscapes of the Arctic.
Artic Cruise Walrus near Arctic North Pole in Svalbard
  • Spend time amongst walruses on Prins Karls Forland’s Forland National Park. These creatures .
  • Hike to the Briksdal Glacier in Olden, Norway for incredible pictures of this blue and turquoise behemoth.


Map of Arctic:

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Arctic Cruisetours: Cruise Lines

Luxury cruises are currently the only cruise lines venturing to this region of the world because they can offer the extensive amenities and service required to make a trip to the Arctic riveting – one where you don’t have to worry about your accommodations for even a second. 

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Arctic Cruisetours: Departure Ports

It’s a pretty safe bet that when you head out to embark on an Arctic cruise you’ll be leaving from a city or town in Norway. Currently you can sail from Bergen, Tromso or Longyearben. Bergen and Tromso offer a bit of a city feel that contrasts the islands of the Arctic where few people live. There are also cruises that leave from and explore Greenland and also Iceland. Greenland is much more desolate than its smaller counterpart, Iceland, but it offers the chance to learn about Norse and Viking pasts and see the haunting Qilakitsoq mummies. Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital, has amazing geology with volcanoes and the famous thermally heated Blue Lagoon. It’s also known for having a party atmosphere on the weekends. 

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