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Canada & New England Cruise Deals

Cruises to Canada and New England are popular sailings. They occur during the late summer and early fall months to take advantage of the incredible sight of the leaves changing colors from green to purple, orange, red and yellow.  Bookmark this page to find special deals and promotions on cruises to Canada and New England.

A cruise to Canada and New England promises to delight you with serene landscapes and quaint towns like St. John, Bar Harbour and Charlottetown (home of Anne of Green Gables). You’ll see a lot of elegant lighthouses along the tree-lined shores of New England. When your ship makes port, you’ll visit historical spots that tell the story of the beginnings of both America and Canada. These itineraries operate in a shorter cruising season, so contact our consultants to make sure you get the best deal and don’t miss your chance to cruise to Canada and New England. 

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