Cruisetours to Lake Louise, Alberta

You may have seen photos of Lake Louise, but you won't truly understand its beauty until you've seen this Canadian wonder in person. The stunning turquoise waters surrounded by the lush forest and magnificent mountains look just like paradise. Visit Alberta's Lake Louise later in the day and see the glowing sun as it nestles behind Mount Victoria. It'll feel as though this entire scene was created just for you.

When you're finished exploring Lake Louise and all the area's wonderful surprises - although you're never really finished seeing everything - return to the wonderful "downtown" of Lake Louise. This small, charming town is only 3 miles away from the park and has a small shopping center with everything you'll need. You'll find a grocery store, bars, sporting goods store, visitor information center, and a variety of restaurant and accommodations options. It is smaller and quieter than Banff, and you'll really feel a part of the surrounding nature when you stay at one of Lake Louise's lakeside chateaus. It's the perfect basecamp for all your outdoor activities in Lake Louise, Alberta!

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Lake Louise cruisetour with canoeing and horseback riding. 

Sightseeing by Canoe

What's the best way to experience the beauty of the lake? By gliding across the water on a canoe! You'll be surrounded by the stunning turquoise shades - the tall, rugged peaks of the mountains reflecting on the lake surface, and the tranquility nature provides to all who visit. There are several places to rent canoes for the lake; check out the Banff Canoe Club or Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise to rent canoes by the hour.


Horseback Riding

Experience the breathtaking scenery of Lake Louise on one of the world's most majestic creatures. Ride with Brewster Stables where you'll have a choice of ride lengths. Experience is not required to enjoy a horseback ride with Brewster Stables.


Tea House Hikes

Not too many hikes end at a tea house, but if you hike near Lake Louise, you can end your hike with tea and fresh baked goods! There are two tea houses you can visit - Lake Agnes Tea House and Plain of Six Glaciers.


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