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Windstar Cruises Panama Canal Cruises

With Windstar Cruises, a sailing through the Panama Canal allows you to take in the man-made marvel of the Panama Canal along with the natural beauty and wonder of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Windstar Cruises allows you to wander off the beaten path to have an experience that is more accommodating and personal. Cruise to Costa Rica – one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world – and Panama – where many may come for the Panama Canal and then stay for everything else. Dare to explore – cruise to Central America and the Panama Canal with Windstar Cruises!


Things to Do on a Panama Canal Cruise with Windstar Cruises


Explore Central America by cruising the Panama Canal with Windstar Cruises to see all that this amazing region has to offer. While visiting Panama, Nicaragua and Costa Rica you can go on a boat tour through the most biologically intense area on earth, hike along some scenic trails, or go zip-lining through the lush rainforest! Your time is yours to spend however you choose, so you can create an adventure-filled experience or focus on getting some rest and relaxation in beautiful Central America. Featured below are just a few of our favorite things to do when cruising through the Panama Canal with Windstar Cruises:


Windstar Cruises Mombacho Volcano
  • Mombacho Volcano 4WD and Hike (San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua)
    Embark on a full day volcano adventure through Nicaragua. A guide will point out notable areas along the way to the Mombacho Nature Reserve. From this point, you’ll board a 4WD truck to ride to the very top of the Mombacho Volcano. From here you will take a guided hike around its four craters, observing many species of mammals, birds and orchids.


Windstar Cruises Mangrove Wildlife
  • Mangrove Wildlife and Boat Cruise (Quepos, Costa Rica)
    Riding through the mangroves on a boat ride is a must see! You will be able to observe many different wildlife and plant species as you travel through this gorgeous spot in Costa Rica. A knowledgeable guide will speak on all the animals, plants and their history.


Windstar Cruises Chocolate Farm
  • Chocolate Farm - A Sweet Experience (Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica)
    This is the ultimate experience for all chocolate lovers! Watch as an expert shows you the various steps of chocolate making and then have the opportunity to taste some amazing chocolate fondue with the fruit grown on that same farm. Learn about the history and culture of this ancient Mayan way of chocolate making!


Windstar Cruises Tropical Beach
  • Tropical Beach Delights (Isla de Coiba, Panama)
    This exclusive hiking event is for Windstar guests only! You’ll see flourishing wildlife and tropical birds during a guided hiking tour where cameras are a necessity to capture all of the surrounding beauty. On this secluded beach, enjoy swimming, snorkeling, water skiing or kayaking in the warm Pacific waters.


Windstar Cruises Expansion Panama Canal
  • Expansion Panama Canal Tour (Colon, Panama)
    If you’re interested in learning more about the history of the Panama Canal, get a look into what's going on with its new expansion and how it started. The four-hour tour starts at the Gatun Locks and offers an explanation of construction that's currently underway.


Windstar Cruises Horseback Riding Tour
  • Horseback Riding Tour (Bahia Drake, Costa Rica)
    Take a guided horseback ride on a number of different trails, both rural and coastal. Choose from beautiful beaches, tropical jungles or even swimmable waterfall trails. Experience the amazing views of the Pacific Ocean, lush rainforests and many different bird species.


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Windstar Cruises Panama Canal Departure Ports

Learn more about your potential departure ports for a Panama Canal cruise with Windstar Cruises. Your luxury Windstar Cruises Panama Canal cruise could leave from any of the following cities:

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