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Windstar Cruises Mexican Riviera Cruises

Explore the Mexican Riviera and Baja peninsula with Windstar Cruises to discover all of this incredible destination's natural beauty, historical significant and cultural charms. From snorkeling with stingrays and scenic whale watching, to wandering through cobblestone beach towns and sipping margaritas from the sand, your Mexican Riviera cruise with Windstar Cruises can be anything you want—and it's guaranteed to be memorable. Plus, with Windstar Cruises' fleet of smaller, more intimate sail ships and power yachts, you'll be closer to your destination—and receive more personal attention from the onboard staff. This also means more time enjoying local seafood, launching into water activities from the onboard marina and taking excursions that make the most of your time in the Mexican Riviera. To learn more about cruising to the Mexican Riviera with Windstar, continue below or contact our cruise experts at 1-800-377-9383.


Things to Do on a Mexican Riviera Cruise with Windstar Cruises


Windstar's Mexican Riviera cruises offer the opportunity to explore popular ports like Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and Huatulco, along with lesser-visited gems like La Paz, Manzanillo and Puerto Chiapas. Not only will you see cities not visited by larger cruise lines, but you'll have more time in port to take in the wildlife, scenery, culture and history. For instance, go snorkeling or whale watching to discover the vibrant world beneath the surface of Mexico's coastal waters. If you're more into the regional history and culture, tour Mayan ruins or explore the local markets and art districts of the Mexican Riviera. Featured below are but a few of the possible activities for your Mexican Riviera cruise with Windstar Cruises.


Horseback Riding in Mexico
  • Horseback Riding in Puerto Vallarta (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)
    Explore the beaches and countryside surrounding Puerto Vallarta on a leisurely horseback ride around this popular resort town in Mexico. Alternately, for a more local experience, stroll the boardwalk, pop into the various boutiques downtown and visit the elaborate Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe (aka Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe).


Whale Watching in Mexico
  • Whale Watching Adventures (La Paz, Mexico)
    Head out into the Sea of Cortez in search of gray, blue and humpback whales that migrate along the coasts off the beautiful city of La Paz, Mexico. Looking for something on steadier ground? Stroll the waterfront promenade to enjoy the beautiful weather and local art!


Cliffs in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
  • Stunning Beaches and Cliffs (Cabo San Lucas, Mexico)
    No trip to Cabo San Lucas is complete without taking in the magnificent Arch of Cabo, which can be explored up close and personal via kayak—along with the colorful marine life calling home to the surrounding waters. For a less strenuous day, grab a beachside lounger and sip a cool cocktail as locals put on a show with jet skiing, kitesurfing and parasailing.


Scuba Diving in Mexico
  • Shipwreck Diving (Manzanillo, Mexico)
    Take advantage of the waters teeming with sea life and enjoy a memorable day of snorkeling or diving among the surrounding coral reefs and shipwrecks. If you're more into catching fish than swimming with them, you'll also find plenty of fishing excursions.


Bays National Park in Mexico
  • Explore Bays National Park (Huatulco, Mexico)
    Huatulco's Bays National Park, which consists of nine protected bays, is ripe for snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, sport fishing and more! When you're finished enjoying the stunning coral reefs and soaking in the sun, visit the surrounding ruins or the Museum of Oaxacan Art for its unique hand-sculpted artifacts.


Mayan Ruins in Mexico
  • Mayan Discovery in Puerto Chiapas (Puerto Chiapas, Mexico)
    Puerto Chiapas is your portal into the mysterious world of the Mayans with the Izapa Mayan ruins. This 3,500-year-old settlement—whose city featured ball courts, plazas and pyramids—was instrumental in the creation of the Mayan calendar. To learn more about the Mayan's understanding of astronomy, visit the planetarium in Tapachula.


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Windstar Cruises Mexican Riviera Departure Ports

Learn about the various departure ports for your Mexican Riviera cruise with Windstar Cruises. Your one-of-a-kind Windstar Mexican Riviera cruise could begin in any of the following departure ports:

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