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Experience true adventure in the heart of the Amazon River on a cruise with Viking Ocean Cruises! Explore the coast of Brazil, along with classic Caribbean gems like St. Lucia and Barbados before embarking on a journey that is not for the faint of heart. Delve into the extremely dense flora and fauna of the Amazon River as your luxurious Viking Ocean ship sails 900 miles down the wild Amazon River. Cultures, untouched by modern technology await at the riverside ports of Santarem and Parintins, sharing traditional cuisine and cultural events such as the Parintins Folklore Festival. For more information on cruising the Amazon River with Viking, call our experts at 1-800-377-9383!


Experience things that are truly once in a lifetime as a luxury cruise ship guides you through the lush Amazon Rainforest, home to over 1,000 species of birds and 25,000 plant species. With that amount of unique wildlife, flora and fauna, each day of your journey into the heart of Brazil will be filled with rewarding, memorable things to do that will delight you and expand your mind. Keep reading to learn all you can about Amazon River excursions with Viking Oceans, as well as the things you can enjoy onboard a Viking Oceans ship.


Viking Oceans Amazon River Cruise Excursions


Piranha in Amazon River

Fishing for Piranhas on Viking Amazon River Cruise

the predator becomes the prey as you board a river cruising excursion onto Maica Lake, where local Amazonians will teach you their fishing methods for catching the native piranha.


Trail in Tapajos National Forest, a hike on Viking Amazon River cruise

Tapajos National Forest Flora

How many people do you know that have hiked through the Amazon Rainforest? Add your name to this exclusive list for a hike through the trails of this national forest, where an expert guide will point out the flourishing plants around you by name.


Traditional Brazilian festival costume

Special for Viking Amazon River Cruise Guests: Boi Bumba Folklore Performance

Located on an island on the Amazon River, this traditional civilization welcomes Viking cruisers with a performance of their traditional theater, centered around a famous local folktale. Each year in June, more than 35,000 people attend a festival on the island dedicated to the local folklore.


Scenic image of huts on banks of Amazon River while sailing with Viking Oceans

Scenic Sailing of the Mighty Amazon River

Grab your standard issue Viking binoculars and head to your balcony as the captain navigates down the Amazon River. Look out for wildlife – you could spot any of over 1,000 bird species, a slithering snake or a jaguar stalking through the underbrush.



Onboard Activities on an Amazon River Cruise with Viking Ocean Cruises


Viking Oceans guest enjoying a destination-focused book on Amazon River cruise

Onboard Cultural Enrichment

Not only will you be enjoying a destination that is incredible, but your Amazon River cruise with Viking includes an onboard curriculum, complete with a fully stocked onboard library, where Amazon River experts will give lectures, take questions and help review the adventures ahead.


A class at The Kitchen Table on Viking Oceans Amazon River cruise

Destination-Focused Dining

The best place to indulge in local cuisine inspired by the cultures along the Amazon River is The Kitchen Table on Viking Oceans! Using locally sourced ingredients, chefs prepare local delicacies and teach you how to do it at home along the way!


Waiter serving Viking Amazon River cruise guests

Viking Service Guarantee

For years, Viking has made their impressive level of service the expectation onboard ships on the rivers of Europe and the oceans around the world. Cruising the Amazon River with Viking Oceans is a unique experience, but guests can rest assured knowing they can expect only the best while onboard the ship.



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Viking Ocean Cruises Amazon Departure Ports

Embark on the Amazon River in Manaus or embark in San Juan! The possibilities of where your cruise leaves from are endless, but what matters is the destination: the Amazon River with Viking Oceans. Your luxurious cruise could embark from any of the following ports:

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