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Silversea Cruises Transatlantic Cruises

You can enjoy a delightful journey across the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean when you choose a Silversea Transoceanic cruise. You may revel in the island experience, stopping in Bermuda and the Azores on the way to England. Or, you may stop in at the green natural beauty of Iceland before discovering picturesque towns and cities on Canada’s east coast. You’ll have the opportunity to unwind and relax, taking in the serenity of days sailing on the open ocean in the company of those you care about. Transoceanic cruises offer a special luxurious experience when you choose Silversea.


Things to Do on a Transatlantic Cruise with Silversea Cruises


Explore the amazing sights on both sides of the Atlantic when you cross from east to west or vice versa with Silversea Cruises. In Canada, for example, you could spend some time with the friendly puffins in St. Johns. Or, when visiting Southampton across the pond, see the mysterious Stonehenge.


Silversea Cruises sunset in Camara de Lobos Madeira Island Portugal
  • The Old Blandy Wine Lodge (Funchal, Madeira Islands, Portugal)
    Old Blandy Wine Lodge was once a monastery in the 17th century. Now it’s a great place to drink wine and learn about Madeira’s wine region. Here you’ll take a tour of the property before visiting a private museum which has artifacts of winemaking from decades back. Lastly, you’ll get to taste Madeira wine.


Silversea Cruises bermudian architecture Hamilton Bermuda
  • Famous Homes and Hideaways Tour (Hamilton, Bermuda)
    Bermuda has been a hot spot for celebrities and the rich for decades. On this tour you’ll get a look at the beautiful big homes, especially those in Millionaire’s Row. On your cruise you’ll also learn about the island and its history.


Silversea Cruises view of Stonehenge England
  • Stonehenge (Southampton, Britain)
    Questions still swirl over what exactly Stonehenge is, who built it and its purpose. When you visit this monument, which was believed to be erected between 3,000 and 2,000 BC, you may come away with more questions than answers. However, you will learn about the different theories and discover what archaeologists do know about the structure and the people living in the area at the time of its building.


Silversea Cruises famous ceramic decoration in Plaza de Espana Seville Spain
  • Lladro Porcelain (Valencia, Spain)
    Lladro porcelain is based in Valencia and was founded in 1953 by three Lladro brothers. This company is famous for their angelic figurines. On this excursion you’ll visit the Lladro Museum where you’ll see pieces that are no longer being made and meet the artisans that craft the pieces.


Silversea Cruises famous blue lagoon geothermal bath near Reykjavik Iceland
  • Relax in the Blue Lagoon (Reykjavik, Iceland)
    Iceland’s Blue Lagoon was actually created from the excess water used at the nearby geothermal power plant. People realized this warm water offered amazing benefits for your skin, so the Lagoon is now a popular spa location where tourists can spend time in the healing waters. You can even purchase Blue Lagoon skin care products to take home.


Silversea Cruises common puffin on a nest island near Elliston Newfoundland
  • Puffin Island Adventure (St. John’s, Newfoundland)
    More than 20,000 Atlantic puffins call St. John’s home. Puffins, which are sometimes confused with penguins, are a separate species of birds that also appear to be wearing tuxedos. These birds are different though in their beaks and their bright orange legs and webbed feet. On this excursion you’ll get to see these incredibly adorable birds and learn more about their species and lifestyle.


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Silversea Cruises Transatlantic Departure Ports

Learn more about your potential departure ports for a Transatlantic cruise with Silversea Cruises. Your luxurious Silversea Cruises Transatlantic cruise could embark from any of the following cities:

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