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Seabourn Cruise Line U. S. Atlantic Coast Cruises

The possibilities are endless when you cruise the U.S. Atlantic Coast with Seabourn Cruise Line. You could begin your voyage in the granite city of St. Johns, Newfoundland before following the Freedom Trail in Boston! The coast is long, of course, and the ports along the way are as unique and interesting as anywhere in the world! Fish for record-sized marlins off the coast of North Carolina, explore the Crystal Caves in Bermuda, or soak up some sun in Miami! To experience the unique wonders that line the US Atlantic Coast, call The Cruise Web today at 1-800-377-9383 to speak with one of our expert cruise consultants!


Things to Do on a US Atlantic Coast Cruise with Seabourn Cruise Line


When you choose Seabourn, you choose luxury and that means you want the best! The activities you’ll find on a cruise of the US Atlantic Coast will immerse you in culture, stimulate your mind, and even give you work out if you want! Whether you’re hauling in a record-sized fish, touring wonderfully preserved plantation houses in St. Kitts, or drinking fresh hibiscus tea in Barbados, you will be living in luxury when you cruise with Seabourn. Take a look below at some of our favorite things to do on a US Atlantic Coast cruise:



The Green Monster at Fenway Park
  • Fenway Park (Boston, Massachusetts)
    If you like landmarks, Fenway Park is one of the most iconic sports venues in the world. Enjoy the fall foliage and catch a game, maybe even from the Green Monster!




A look inside the Crystal Caves
  • Crystal Caves (St. George, Bermuda)
    Discovered by two children playing cricket, these caves were first explored by lowering a 12 year old boy 140 feet by a single rope! It’s easier to explore now, but the magnificence remains. Take an excursion here from St. George!




St. John's iconic coastline
  • St. Johns, Newfoundland
    Named by National Geographic as one of the Top Ten Oceanside Destinations, this unique town is carved from a granite hillside. Visit the Arts Center or hear the lore of John Cabot’s pilgrimage here in 1497.




A bottle of Mount Gay rum
  • Mount Gay Rum Distillery (Bridgetown, Barbados)
    Mount Gay Rum is the oldest rum liquor brand in the world, and they are still happy to open their doors to tourists! Take a tour of this traditional distillery and enjoy the incredible tropical rum.


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Seabourn Cruise Line U. S. Atlantic Coast Departure Ports

Learn more about the possible departure ports for a US Atlantic Coast cruise with Seabourn Cruise Line. Your ultra-luxury US Atlantic Coast cruise itinerary with Seabourn could depart from any of the following cruise ports:

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