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Seabourn Cruise Line Expedition Cruises

A purpose-built expedition vessel, Seabourn Venture is designed to take guests to places they have never been, to experience all-new things, all while resting in timeless luxury. From the polar bears in the Arctic, to the screeching monkeys in the Amazon, the wildlife and landscapes will leave you in awe. There is simply no experience quite like an Expedition cruise with Seabourn. To learn more about these truly once-in-a-lifetime journeys, call your personal cruise consultant at 1-800-377-9383!


Things to Do on an Expedition Cruise with Seabourn Cruise Line


Expedition cruising is for the cruiser who is looking for more. More options, more experiences, and less of the same. On an Expedition cruise with Seabourn, you will find adventure and unforgettable experiences. For instance, enjoy an exclusive Seabourn experience and strap into a private submarine and dive under massive icebergs, or kayak down the Amazon River to an up-close-and-personal interaction with penguins, and even snorkel in remote islands. However you explore, a Seabourn expedition is a special journey. When you return home, how many of your friends can say a seal hopped in their zodiac or they spotted a jaguar on an Amazonian excursion?



Steaming hot springs in Iceland
  • Hot Springs, Cool Views (Reykjavik, Iceland)
    Vacations are all about relaxation, and who can’t relax with their feet up in a natural hot spring while gazing over mountainous Icelandic terrain?




Diving in the Caribbean Coral Gardens
  • Caribbean Coral Gardens (Turks & Caicos)
    Iridescent fish, bioluminescent coral, and lots of vibrant colors are waiting just below the surface of some of the best snorkeling waters in the world.




A polar bear roaming arctic terrain
  • Polar Bears of the Arctic (Arctic)
    When you think Arctic wildlife, you think of polar bears. Some Seabourn guests say their favorite part of their trip is spotting these powerful creatures trekking across the ice.




Air bubbles rising from the submarine
  • Private Submarine Excursions
    Equipped on your luxurious cruise vessel are two 6-passenger private submarines! Imagine diving under the sea to watch a penguin zip through the current.


Hiking boots
  • Onboard Expedition Equipment
    Cold? Grab the parka from your stateroom. Rocky terrain? Boots included. Need to feel EXTRA fancy? Gaze out on the wondrous landscapes passing by through the Swarovski crystal-lenses of your in-room binoculars.



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Seabourn Cruise Line Expedition Departure Ports

Learn more about the possible departure ports for an Expedition cruise with Seabourn Cruise Line. Your ultra-luxury Expedition cruise itinerary with Seabourn could depart from any of the following cruise ports:

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