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Royal Caribbean Onboard Activities


Royal Caribbean International onboard activities North Star
The North Star
You’ll be on the ride of a lifetime when you choose The North Star onboard your Royal Caribbean cruise. Hop into the “jewel” of the ship and take a ride 300 feet above the ocean with unbelievable, 360-degree sweeping views.


Royal Caribbean International onboard activities Ripcord by iFly
Ripcord by iFly
Think about the wind whipping past your face when you get on the high-flying Ripcord skydiving simulator. iFly’s industry-wide first will make you feel as though you’re flying in the air, while onboard the ship!


Royal Caribbean International onboard activities SeaPlex
You’ll stay active all day long when you head over to the SeaPlex with your seafaring friends and family. With a great selection of games, sports and more, you’ll spend your days competing and building friendships over a game of basketball one day, or some bumper cars the next.


Royal Caribbean International onboard activities Zip Line
Zip Line
Prepare yourself for an onboard thrill like no other with Royal Caribbean’s Zip Line. You’ll be zipped across the Boardwalk—9 decks above. The wind will be flying through your hair as the undeniable smile spreads across your face. Reservation NOT required, included in cruise fare.


Royal Caribbean International onboard activities Rock Climbing
Rock Climbing
Prove your mettle with a serious climb to the top as you try your hand (and feet) at the onboard rock climbing wall. Whether you’re a novice or a legend, you can choose your route and show your climbing prowess as your friends and family watch from 40 feet above deck. Reservation NOT required, included in cruise fare.


Royal Caribbean International onboard activities Flow Rider
Ride some man-made, although just as exciting, waves with the onboard FlowRider surfing simulator. Shout a big “cowabunga” and hit the board hard on this 40-foot long surf simulation while others can watch in stadium seating. To ensure that you don’t wipe out, you’d be wise to try a personal lesson (offered at a nominal charge).


Royal Caribbean International onboard activities Ice Skating
Ice Skating
Glide and slide your way to icy delight when you choose to do some ice skating onboard. Put on your skates, and try a spin or two with the whole family. Ice skating is available on select ships, so contact our expert consultants to learn more.


Royal Caribbean International onboard activities Mini Golf
Mini Golf
Enjoy some fantastic family fun on the mini-links with an arousing game of mini golf. You’ll have a super day as you play some putt putt looking out upon the waters.


Royal Caribbean International onboard activities Sports Court and Tournaments
Sports Court & Tournaments
Whether you’re honing your personal skills or hitting the courts for a serious team game, you’ll have the opportunity to show your competitive edge on the sports courts, or in one of Royal Caribbean’s tournaments.


Schooner Bar aboard Royal Caribbean
Schooner Bar
Step into a comforting atmosphere at the Schooner Bar, where the piano music never stops. Warm up your singing voice because sing-alongs are encouraged.


Trellis Bar aboard Royal Caribbean
Trellis Bar
A quiet, garden experience accompanied by a string quartet sets the mood at this quaint bar in Central Park.


Playmakers Bar and Arcade aboard Royal Caribbean
Playmakers Bar and Arcade
Fifty screens showing any team you want, ice cold beer and classic bar favorites are sure to lead to a great time.


Two70 Bar aboard Royal Caribbean
Two70 Bar
Featuring floor-to-ceiling windows with a 270-degree panoramic view, this bar is bound to leave you speechless. With handmade cocktails and a nightclub vibe, Two70 is 360 degrees of fun.


The Lime and Coconut aboard Royal Caribbean
The Lime and Coconut
You're in for three stories of classic island fun at The Lime and Coconut! From the pool front bar to the rooftop sun deck, enjoy this island paradise from the comfort of the ship.


Boleros aboard Royal Caribbean
Add some Latin flare to your trip at Boleros, where you'll find the finest Cuban mojitos at sea. Salsa, merengue and samba the night away to a live six-piece band.


North Star Bar aboard Royal Caribbean
North Star Bar
Enjoy a delicious cocktail from the North Star Bar, the perfect way to celebrate your ride up to 300 feet above sea level, with 360-degree views, on the North Star.


Rising Tide Bar aboard Royal Caribbean
Rising Tide Bar
Enjoy a smooth ride and an even smoother drink at the Rising Tide Bar aboard Royal Caribbean. Rise from Central Park to the Royal Promenade at this elevating bar.


Solarium Bar aboard Royal Caribbean
Solarium Bar
Kick back and relax in the adult-only Solarium, where you can enjoy a freshly made beverage with a tiny umbrella under YOUR tiny umbrella.


Sunshine Bar aboard Royal Caribbean
Sunshine Bar
Looking for a healthy drink? Grab a fresh-pressed juice, smoothie or protein shake at the Sunshine Bar. Need a little extra sunshine? Add vodka.


Bionic Bar aboard Royal Caribbean
Bionic Bar
Custom cocktails, classic combos and... robots? Robotic bartenders bring science fiction to life at Bionic Bar. Order on a provided tablet and watch bionic arms create your drink!


Dazzles aboard Royal Caribbean
Dazzle your new cruise friends with your moves on the dance floor. If you're not much of a dancer, have a cocktail and dance anyway.


Royal Caribbean International onboard activities Inline Skating
Inline Skating
Who says you can’t roller skate on the seven seas? Lace up the skates and hit the inline skating track for a smooth and spectacular time with some padded barriers for protection.


Royal Caribbean International onboard activities Table Tennis
Table Tennis
Pick up the paddle for some fun, laughs and serious competition with some onboard table tennis. Full-size action, and even a winner-take-all tournament or two will be available during your next Royal Caribbean cruise.


Royal Caribbean International onboard activities Scuba in the Pool
Scuba in the pool
Dive training while onboard and scuba in the pool—who could ask for more? There are multiple levels depending on your skills, and you can prepare yourself for the real thing once you get to the waters of your destination! Must be 12 years old or above.


Royal Caribbean International onboard activities Pool Deck
Pool Deck
Get that golden tan you’ve been looking for or lounge in the shade on the Pool Deck. Of course, you’ll be sure to want a swim as you enjoy the live music, poolside cocktails and comfortable lounge chairs.


Royal Caribbean International onboard activities Whirlpools
Supreme relaxation comes in the form of Royal Caribbean’s whirlpools, bubbling away any stress you may have. Some even cantilever up to 13 feet beyond the side of the ship, giving you a spectacular view as you enjoy the swirling waters.


Royal Caribbean International onboard activities Adults Only Solarium
Adults-Only Solarium
There’s an enclave for only the adult cruisers onboard—the Adults-Only Solarium. Grab some light and easy cuisine, hop into the whirlpool and take in the calm and classy surroundings as you feel your worries slip away, and relaxation set in.


Royal Caribbean International onboard activities Library and Card Room
Library and Card Room
If you’re looking for some solitude and peace, you can find a calming and wonderful environment in the library and card room. There are various styles of literature, some board games and card tables for a nice, relaxing game (however you like to play).


Royal Caribbean International onboard activities Learn a Language
Learn a Language
You can prepare before you head ashore with the language learning program, in which you’ll learn greetings, phrases and questions in seminars.


Royal Caribbean International onboard activities Dance Classes
Dance Classes
Who’s ready to hit the dance floor? Learn the steps (and a few inside techniques) of salsa, swing and ballroom dance with some absolutely stellar instructors.


Royal Caribbean International onboard activities Wine Tasting
Wine Tasting
Spend some time treating your senses and palate with a wine tasting course during your cruise. You’ll learn the niceties between pinot and port, or syrah and chardonnay - all while meeting some peers with the same fine taste as you do.


Royal Caribbean International onboard activities Cooking Demonstration
Cooking Demonstration
Watch and learn, culinary hopefuls, as you’ll be shown the techniques, lent a few tips and even taste the fine fare of seasoned chefs, right in front of your eyes.


Royal Caribbean International onboard activities Jewelry Making
Jewelry Making
Grab your beads and get ready for some jewelry making revelry. You can craft a gift for a friend, a present for a loved one or your next lucky bracelet. Materials fee may apply.


Royal Caribbean International onboard activities Scrapbooking
Make memories come alive with a scrapbooking class. You’ll theme your pages that will bring you back into the moment even years later. There are plenty of borders, cutouts and “embellishments” waiting for you to utilize! Materials fee may apply.


Royal Caribbean onboard activities Folding Aristry
Folding Artistry
Twist and turn, bend and shape, and learn the fine art of napkin and towel design with a folding artistry class.


Royal Caribbean International onboard activities Guest Lecturers
Guest Lecturers
Depending on the sailing, you may find yourself being versed in the fineries of stargazing, the best tips for weight control, or one of many other topics with Royal Caribbean’s guest lecturers.


Royal Caribbean International onboard activities Shopping
Shop until you drop… anchor. That’s right, there are more shopping options than you could ever imagine onboard your Royal Caribbean cruise. Take advantage of the duty-free liquor, Art on Royal, cameras for purchase, a Coach store and much, much more. Just give our consultants a call to find out what else.


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