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Royal Caribbean International entertainment Broadway at Sea
  • Broadway at Sea
    When it comes to entertainment, Royal Caribbean brings some of the best shows at sea. Tony Award-winning musicals will delight you and inspire you as you spend time with those who matter most and enjoy the finest performers on the seven seas.


Royal Caribbean International entertainment Ice Skaing Shows
  • Ice-Skating Shows
    Enjoy true skating professionals that will lift your spirits with spins, glides, jumps and twirls during a Royal Caribbean ice-skating show. These complimentary shows are the perfect way to spend a wondrous night.


Royal Caribbean International entertainment AquaTheater Diving Shows
  • AquaTheater Diving Shows
    See a whirlpool of theatrical wonder with one of Royal Caribbean’s AquaTheater dive shows. Aquatic dancing, diving and acrobatics will fill your heart with joy and put a smile on your face as the incredibly lit fountains set the perfect backdrop for this nightlife option.


Royal Caribbean International entertainment Original Productions
  • Original Productions
    Royal Caribbean Productions, the original production company onboard, will inspire and delight you with their intense and spectacular original shows with high-level dancing and acrobatic excellence. Get ready for the show of a lifetime with Royal Caribbean.


Royal Caribbean International entertainment Live Orchestra
  • Live Orchestra
    For those looking for a more classic, natural and raw performance, the live orchestra will offer exactly what you need. Imagine the live instrumental bliss you’ll experience from some of the most fantastic artists in the world—taking you on a journey from start to finish. That’s a live orchestra you won’t soon forget.


Royal Caribbean International entertainment Casino
  • Casino
    From slots to big pots, you’ll be thrilled and excited each time you step into the onboard casino area. There are slot machines of all types, craps, dice and a selection of card and table games for you to try your luck and win some big bucks. There are even tournaments for those who think they can play with the best of the best. For beginners, attend a free seminar and learn the lay of the table before you start spending your money.


Royal Caribbean International entertainment Two70
  • Two70
    You’ll see the world from two different views when it comes to Two70. Spend some relaxing time during the day with an area filled with fantastic views and open air. Then, come back at night for an unbelievable aerial show that’s unprecedented in the cruising industry.


Royal Caribbean International entertainment Music Hall
  • Music Hall
    Live music onboard like you’ve never seen awaits in the Music Hall. There will be bands, musicians, DJs and even a theme night party or two for a special nightlife experience that will bring all of your friends and family together.


Royal Caribbean International entertainment Salsa Dancing
  • Salsa Dancing
    Make it a little zesty onboard with a night out in Boleros, a hot and exciting venue where you’ll find a hearty dose of Latin grooves and delicious native drinks. Enjoy a mojito, margarita or one of Royal Caribbean’s other signature cocktails as you dance the night away.


Royal Caribbean International entertainment Piano Sing-Alongs
  • Piano Sing-Alongs
    Get a little rowdy, or a little emotional, or just hum to the tune of your fellow guests’ singing when you head to The Schooner Bar for nightly piano entertainment and sing-along!


Royal Caribbean International entertainment Club DJs
  • Club DJs
    Just because you leave the land in favor of nights at sea doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on the finest club experience on the seven seas. Royal Caribbean offers top-notch DJs mixing your favorite beats during pool parties and club nights (multi-level) and even celebrity guest appearances from time to time.


Royal Caribbean International entertainment Live Bands
  • Live Bands
    The talent is as high as the tide when you choose a Royal Caribbean cruise vacation. That means you can find everything from Latin heat to jazz swing in the form of live bands across the ships, available nightly.


Royal Caribbean International entertainment Comedy Club
  • Comedy Club
    Get a true Manhattan comedy club experience at the adults-only Comedy Live. Guest comedians will bring out the guffaws, the chortles and some serious knee-slapping while maybe even taking a crowd jab or two in Comedy Live.


Royal Caribbean International entertainment Karaoke
  • Karaoke
    Whether you’re the king of karaoke or a novice on the mic, you’ll have a fantastic time singing in front of your fellow cruisers to a diverse set of tunes.


Royal Caribbean International entertainment Viking Crown Lounge
  • Viking Crown Lounge
    For a bar experience high above the rest, head up to the Viking Crown Lounge. The lounge is architecturally astounding, offering views like no other location on the ship, and features unique live entertainment. This venue is a fantastic way to spend your night.


Royal Caribbean International entertainment Vintages
  • Vintages
    The name says it all. From cabernet to moscato, and everything in between, you’ll be delighted by the savory and sweet wine flavors available onboard. Enjoy one of your favorites or try a new one from the special sampling menu. A la carte pricing


Royal Caribbean International entertainment Pub Performances
  • Pub Performances
    Enjoy a pleasant marriage of two of England’s finer exports: ale and acoustics. You can enjoy a pint in one of Royal Caribbean’s pubs as you enjoy a marvelous live performance that will brighten your day.


Royal Caribbean International entertainment Prohibition Event
  • Prohibition Event
    Take things back, way back to the roaring 20s with a Prohibition Event party. You’ll be transported to a speakeasy with live jazz, free-spirited dancing and unique and delicious drinks.


Royal Caribbean International entertainment Theme Nights
  • Theme Nights
    Whether it’s a toga spectacular or a disco meltdown, theme nights on Royal Caribbean offer an eccentric and memorable option for you to spend you r night. Options are diverse and exciting, ranging from 70s parties to masquerade balls.


Royal Caribbean International entertainment Parades
  • Parades
    The Royal Promenade was created for a reason, and part of that reason was for Royal Caribbean’s grand and extravagant parades. Performers on multiple floors, dancing, cheering, aerial excitement and more—all live during your next Royal Caribbean cruise.


Royal Caribbean entertainment Game Show
  • Game Shows
    Spectators will sit back for a few laughs and those brave enough to join in will be challenged when it comes to the onboard game shows offered on your Royal Caribbean cruise. Love & Marriage, Battle of the Sexes and more await you in an exciting, challenging and memorable night with a game show.


Royal Caribbean International entertainment Pool Parties
  • Pool Parties
    Day or night, party or poolside lounge, pool parties will be a superb time while you’re on your next cruise. You may groove to island classics with a nice cocktail or hit the poolside dance floor with your friends at night—the pool parties are the place to be.


Royal Caribbean International entertainment Outdoor Movie Nights
  • Outdoor Movie Nights
    Cinema on the sea is done right with Royal Caribbean. You can catch a brand new movie or a serious sports game just how you like—on an enormous, 220-foot outdoor screen by the pool.


Royal Caribbean International entertainment Club Twenty
  • Club Twenty
    Dreaming of South Beach on the seven seas? Look no further than Club Twenty, a nightclub and event venue where you’ll find go-go dancers, living statues, club atmosphere and some of the most fun onboard.


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