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Regent Seven Seas Cruises Hawaii Cruises

Capture the Aloha spirit in Hawaii and discover what paradise means to you on your island hopping adventures with Regent Seven Seas Cruises. Enjoy the incredible ocean view and endless waves in Honolulu, Pana’ewa rainforest zoo in Hilo, the sight of the world-famous banyan tree in Kahului and the Alakai Swamp in Nawiliwili, Hawaii. Some of the world’s most notable sights are found in the paradise of Hawaii – from the black sand beaches of Hilo to the Garden Island of Kauai. Plan the perfect getaway to this warm kaleidoscopic region and marvel at the fascinating geological features summed up in one word- spectacular.


Things to Do on a Hawaii Cruise with Regent Seven Seas Cruises


Cruising to Hawaii with Regent Seven Seas Cruises is nothing like you’ve ever experienced. Everything ordinary suddenly seems extraordinary in Hawaii’s charming environs. Be sure to visit Maui’s waterfalls, hike Oahu’s Diamond Head and Koko Head volcanoes, seize the day in orchid-scented botanical gardens, learn to play the ukulele, and indulge in locally grown tropical fruits and fresh grilled seafood. Indeed “the grass is always greener and the pineapple always sweeter” in this paradise of the Pacific. Check out the following attractions while on your Regent Seven Seas cruise to Hawaii and judge that saying for yourself:


Regent Seven Seas Cruises - Diamond Head Crater, Hawaii
  • Diamond Head State Monument (Honolulu, Hawaii)
    There is something very empowering and rewarding about hiking up the 760-foot summit of Diamond Head to get a panoramic view of the beauty of Honolulu. This unforgettable landmark is Hawaii’s most recognizable feature and a poster child for souvenirs and gifts shops in the region. Formed about 300,000 years ago out of a single explosive eruption, the extinct Diamond Head crater is everything you could ask for.


Regent Seven Seas Cruises - Peacock
  • Panaewa Rainforest Zoo and Gardens (Hilo, Hawaii)
    This hidden gem in Hilo is truly stunning in every way. The beautiful setting conducive for bird exhibits and small primates contains 60 species of animals, 40 species of plants and flowers, and acts as the only natural tropical rainforest zoo in the United States. The botanical garden is covered with lots of orchids and bamboos. Be amused by peacocks strutting and spreading their feathers, and butterflies searching for the right mate. Also check out Hawaii’s highest peak at Mauna Key Summit with an intriguing information center.


Regent Seven Seas Cruises - Pineapple
  • Maui Swap Meet (Kahului, Hawaii)
    Get a real bargaining treat in the parking lot of the University of Hawaii Maui College if you happen to be on the island from 7am-1pm on a Saturday morning. Here, thousands of customers and hundreds of vendors engage in an ‘arts and craft show’ version of a flea market. High-quality merchandise, local jewelry and sculptures are on full display, so plan on returning with great Hawaiian memorabilia.


Regent Seven Seas Cruises - Waimea Canyon in Hawaii
  • Waimea Canyon (Kauai, Hawaii)
    Take a helicopter ride over the colorful yet barren Waimea Canyon for a breathtaking view of the cascading waterfalls of Waimea off the high plateaus of the Alakai swamp. You are guaranteed countless photogenic backdrops from every angle and the splendor of this pacific Grand Canyon will surely come alive. Head to the Na Pali coast valley lookout for a more splendid sight.


Regent Seven Seas Cruises - Ka'anapali Beach in Hawaii
  • Ka'anapali Beach (Lahaina, Hawaii)
    The azure blue waters of the Pacific ocean, swaying palm trees and beautiful under water creatures are only a few of Ka'anapali’s delights. Watch the gentle waves come ashore while admiring the glorious sunset at dawn. Ka'anapali beach is popular for a reason. Go find out why!


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Regent Seven Seas Cruises Hawaii Departure Ports

Learn more about the potential departure ports for a Hawaii cruise with Regent Seven Seas Cruises. Your luxurious Regent Seven Seas Cruises Hawaii voyage could leave from any of the following ports cities:

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