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China is filled with centuries of history, culture and traditions. A cruise to China with Princess Cruises is sure to be one packed with amazing experiences where you’ll uncover the fascinating stories of dynasties, view coveted gems and hear stories about war and peace. A trip to this country may include stops in Beijing, where you can see the Forbidden City, or Shanghai with its famed Bund waterfront district, or the ultra-modern Hong Kong, which was controlled by the United Kingdom for 156 years. China is a country on the lips of many these days, and there’s no better way to get insight into this striking culture than to visit for yourself with Princess Cruises.


Things to Do on an China Cruise with Princess Cruises


Uncover the mysteries of China’s past when you travel through the land visiting ancient structures like the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. You’ll also gain further insight into this growing country’s modern culture and policies when you visit Hong Kong and Shanghai. Highlighted below are some of the best ways to spend your time when cruising to China with Princess Cruises:


Princess Cruises Great Wall of China in the summer
  • The Great Wall (Beijing, China)
    The Great Wall of China is one of the most well-known sites in the world. This wall is actually a series of fortifications that protected the Chinese from their invading Mongol neighbors. On this excursion you’ll take a tour of one part of the wall with time for pictures.


Princess Cruises acrobats are performing a lion and dragon dance
  • Acrobatic Performance (Shanghai, China)
    Visit the Shanghai Center Theatre to see Chinese acrobats, some as young as six, perform amazing feats that will leave you in awe.


Princess Cruises Hong Kong city by night
  • Hong Kong by Night (Hong Kong, China)
    Hong Kong is a very modern city so you’ll want to uncover the nightlife here. On this excursion you’ll watch the Symphony of Light, where 33 buildings along the harbor are lit up to the rhythm of popular music. You will also stroll through the night market and enjoy an 8-course dinner.


Princess Cruises Terra Cotta Warriors
  • Terra Cotta Warriors and Beijing Overland (Shanghai, China)
    This is a four day break from your cruise, where you’ll take a maglev train and a plane to visit Xian, where you’ll see the Museum of the Terra Cotta Warriors. These clay soldiers were built centuries ago and discovered in 1974.


Princess Cruises Qingying Mountain, Quanzhou, China
  • Quanzhou: Temples and Tumen Street (Xiamen, China)
    This is a full day of exploration that includes stops at the Kaiyuan Temple, with its 120 feet high twin pagodas. You’ll have a traditional Chinese lunch and visit Tumen Street, which was once a place where people from other Asian lands would ship Chinese goods back home.


Princess Cruises bright night scene of Tiananmen Square
  • Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Tiananmen Square (Beijing, China)
    The Forbidden City is a giant complex of palaces and pavilions. On this excursion you’ll learn about the Ming and Qing dynasties and see their rich treasures. Next up is Tiananmen Square, a space with enormous history and the site of several political demonstrations.


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Princess Cruises China Departure Ports

Learn more about your potential departure ports for a China cruise with Princess Cruises. Your Princess Cruises China cruise could embark from any of the following cities:

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