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Norwegian Cruise Line Youth Programs

Turn up the fun with a Norwegian Cruise Line Youth Program for your children, no matter their age or interest. These complimentary programs allow your kids to get active and involved with their peers, making friends along the way. From arts and crafts to juggling lessons, your kids will be smiling from ear to ear each day of your cruise vacation.


NCL youth programs Splash Academy
  • Splash Academy
    Children will get wet and wild, active and excited, and interact with other kids their age with Norwegian’s Splash Academy. They’ll use their creative side to work on arts and crafts projects, play some engaging video games or even learn to spin plates in the circus school. Ages 6 months through 12 years old can join this awesome program for an especially stupendous cruising experience.


NCL youth programs Cirque du Jour
  • Cirque Du Jour
    Cirque Du Jour is Norwegian’s very own circus workshop. Your kids will be educated on the wacky and wild art of juggling, the careful nature of spinning and even do a bit of tumbling before performing in the family circus show.


NCL youth programs Entourage
  • Entourage
    If you’re a 13-17 year old teen ready to get into some awesome activities with other cruisers your age, join the Entourage for Teens. Whether you’re playing a game of dodge ball, learning about fashion in a workshop or partying in the sunny pool, you can choose what you do and really let loose. You can even enjoy themed events, like vampire night, and do something unique while onboard.


NCL youth programs Sporting Activities
  • Sporting Activities
    Don’t miss out on a second of sports while you cruise with the Entourage on a Norwegian cruise. Norwegian, in partnership with King’s Camp, offers a hearty selection of sports for you and your friends to engage in. That may mean a game of pick-up basketball, some ultimate Frisbee or maybe even some Triangle Ball. Bond with peers, work together and have some serious fun.


NCL youth programs Port Play
  • Port Play
    If you’re looking for some alone time while you’re at port, and need an outlet for a safe day of fun for your children, you can use the Port Play program for free. Small fee during lunch and dinner hours.


NCL youth programs Late Night Fun Zone
  • Late Night Fun Zone
    Whether you’ve booked a special dinner party with friends, or a night spent alone gazing up at the stars with your significant other, you can drop your kids off at the Late Night Fun Zone. Open every night 10:30-1:30 for a small fee. Sign up by 8 PM the day before.



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