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Norwegian Cruise Line Southeast Asia Cruises

The excitement of Southeast Asia is in its mystical beauty and timeless cultures presented in diverse ways. Travel to this exotic land and discover breathtaking sights and sensational sounds with Norwegian Cruise Line. Explore the extraordinary ports of call with the freedom and flexibility of overnight stays and extensive shore excursions. Both natural and man-made wonders are on full display on your Norwegian cruise to Southeast Asia, and your hunger for adventure is heightened as you browse through interesting bazaars, meditate in ancient temples and enjoy colorful dragon boat festivals. Dreams do come true on this other side of the world with every unique rhythm, cuisine, culture and flavor experienced while cruising to Southeast Asia with Norwegian Cruise Line.


Things to Do on a Southeast Asia Cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line


Learn about the various architectural legacies of Asia and indulge in the delectable culinary delight of the region on your Norwegian cruise to Southeast Asia. The modern skyscrapers, ancient traditions, glorious golden temples and several fascinating attractions of this destination will fuel your memory for a lifetime. From the caves of Ha Long Bay in Hanoi to the Buddhist temples in Phuket, Southeast Asia has much more to offer than you could ever prepare for. Be sure to check out these amazing places of interest while in the following cruise ports:


Norwegian Cruise Line - Hong Kong at Night
  • Victoria Peak (Hong Kong, China)
    Enjoy the ultimate peak experience in one of the three must-see night scenes in the world. Beyond the fabulous panoramic views of stunning mansions, sophisticated high rise buildings and intriguing beauty of the harbor, you are guaranteed an extended view of the other side of Hong Kong on the famous 360 degree viewing terrace of Victoria Peak. Tram ride your way to the top and capture the single most enchanting image of the cruise port of Hong Kong. It will surely be a timeless piece.


Norwegian Cruise Line - Buddha in Taiwan
  • Fo Guang Shan Buddha Memorial Centre (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)
    The world’s largest sitting Buddha is found in the Fo Guang Shan Buddha Memorial Centre where the environment is extremely tranquil and the atmosphere embraces ancient and modern integration. Mostly visited as a Buddhist pilgrimage, this enormous complex is open to all, with an inviting aura for the religiously curious minds and world travelers alike.


Norwegian Cruise Line - Halong Bay, Vietnam
  • Ha Long Bay (Hanoi, Vietnam)
    This UNESCO World Heritage Site is top of the line in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. With thousands of scenic limestone karsts, there are endless sights to explore and a vast topography to capture in photo ops. Take a boat tour or kayak across its emerald green waters and enjoy the warm tropical climate of the region. Ha Long Bay is known as a great stress reliever, so be ready to relax your mind and forget about your worries.


Norwegian Cruise Line - Sihanoukville, Cambodia
  • Otres Beach (Sihanoukville, Cambodia)
    Head over to Otres Beach, the perfect spot for a good down time away from the masses. Take a long stroll along its stretch of white-sand shoreline or go snorkeling in its clean blue waters. The atmosphere is just right for the “do nothing” beach lovers who revel in sipping a few cocktails and admiring nature.


Norwegian Cruise Line - Reclining Buddha in Thailand
  • Temple of the Reclining Buddha – Wat Pho (Bangkok, Thailand)
    The cultural heritage, architectural legacy and strong religious beliefs in Bangkok are simply profound, and the Temple of the Reclining Buddha makes it even more spectacular. Considered as one of the highest grades of first-class royal temples in the city, the reclining Buddha represents an entry into the state of enlightenment where the cycle of reincarnation seizes. Don’t miss out.


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Norwegian Cruise Line Southeast Asia Departure Ports

Learn more about your potential departure ports for a Southeast Asia cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line. Your Norwegian Cruise Line Southeast Asia cruise vacation could depart from any of the following cities:

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