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Norwegian Cruise Line Cuba Cruises

Cuba has become a favorite destination for many; plan a Norwegian cruise to Havana and discover why. Cuba is one of the most naturally stunning islands in the Caribbean, and has a strong Spanish influence which shows in the architecture, cuisine, and history. You'll love exploring the homes of famous Cuban residents, relaxing on the pristine beaches, soaking in the art and culture, and much more. Ready to have a trip of a lifetime? Find out more about Norwegian Cruise Line's cruises to Cuba by calling The Cruise Web today at 1-800-377-9383.


Things to Do on a Cuba Cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line


A Norwegian cruise to Havana, Cuba has something for everyone. History buffs should check out the numerous museums and historical sites, art enthusiasts will love the thriving art scene, vintage car aficionados will feel at home in the Havana streets, and everyone will enjoy the breathtaking scenery. And that's just what is available in Cuba! You'll also have the opportunity to snorkel with vibrant tropical fish at Norwegian Cruise Line's private island-Great Stirrup Cay, and experience one of America's liveliest cities—Miami. Check out some of our recommended excursions on your Norwegian cruise to Cuba to experience everything the island has to offer:


Vintage car in Havana, Cuba
  • Modern Havana in an American Classic (Havana, Cuba)
    Perfect for vintage car enthusiasts; you'll drive down the streets of Havana in a historic car usually only found in museums. Check driving your favorite vintage car off your bucket list with this excursion which takes you around Havana, Cuba.


Art in Cuba
  • Fabrica de Arte Cubano (Havana, Cuba)
    Cuba's art scene can be closely compared to New York, Paris, or London and this gallery is a perfect example! With a photography gallery, cultural center, dance space, and cinema, the Fabrica de Arte Cubano cultural center has something for everyone interested in art.


Cuban Cigars
  • Cuban Rum and Cigars (Havana, Cuba)
    Cuban rum and cigars are legendary for their quality. Experience them both for yourself by visiting the numerous shops and bars in Havana. You might even see craftsmen hand-rolling the country's famous cigars!


Havana, Cuba at Night
  • The Life of Hemingway in Havana (Havana, Cuba)
    Prolific 20th century author Ernest Hemingway lived in Havana for 20 years. With this tour you'll explore the home where he wrote several of his famous novels. Dive deep into how the famous author lived and discover why he loved Cuba.


Couple Snorkeling - Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Snorkel the Underwater Sculpture Garden (Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas)
    Perfect for beginner and experienced snorkelers to experience a unique view of the Caribbean, the Underwater Sculpture Garden is located in the crystal waters of Bertram's Cove. You'll swim around mermaid statues, tropical fish, and much more!


Miami Beach in Florida
  • Catch Rays on Miami Beaches (Miami, Florida)
    Miami is one of America's liveliest cities and its beaches are no exception. Spend an extra day or two in Miami before or after your Norwegian cruise and soak up the sun on one of the many pristine beaches.


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Norwegian Cruise Line Cuba Departure Ports

Learn more about the various departure ports for a Cuba cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line. Your Norwegian Cuba cruise could depart from the following departure ports:

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