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Cunard Transatlantic Cruises

Cunard Line is known for two things: its British heritage and its transatlantic cruises. Experience both of these aspects when you sail on a Cunard Transatlantic journey—providing you with a look back in time with cross-continent travel was done primarily by ship. Enjoy the exquisite beauty and sweet serenity of the Atlantic as you cruise through the days onboard a ship that you can truly cherish. You’ll feel the relaxation set in, and the excitement peak as you await your days at some of the finest ports in the world. Treat yourself to a Transatlantic cruise with Cunard Line.


Things to Do on a Transatlantic Cruise with Cunard Line


Cross the ocean on your way to Europe or the Americas and on each side you’ll be enchanted by amazing historic and cultural institutions like The Met in New York City or the Heineken Brewery in Amsterdam. Transatlantic cruises are the voyages that first made Cunard Line famous.



Cunard Line Stonehenge near Sailsbury, Wilshire in the United Kingdom
  • Prehistoric Stonehenge (Southampton, England)
    Go on a guided trip to the mysterious Stonehenge, which is said to have been erected between 3,000 and 1,600 BC, which was even before the Pyramids in Egypt. Your guide will tell you about the different theories of Stonehenge and how it is built in accordance with the sunrise and sunset.




Cunard Line Cunard ships docked in New York port
  • The Met and Central Park (New York City, New York)
    Explore the two amazing aspects of New York. First, spend time in the beautiful Central Park, which was designed as a place for New Yorkers to connect with nature. The park features many iconic areas, from the sun bathers on the Sheep’s Meadow to the tree-lined Central Park Mall. Then get a glimpse of one of the world’s most amazing art collections at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which was founded in 1870.




Cunard Line Old Town in Lubeck, Germany
  • Lubeck and Niederegger (Hamburg, Germany)
    Explore the medieval town of Lubeck. Here you’ll tour through the old city stopping at the Holsten Gate, the St. Marien Church and the Heiligen-Geist-Hospital. Lubeck is the hometown of writers Thomas Mann and Heinrich. Then you’ll visit the Café Niederegger for refreshments, including their famous chocolate-coated marzipan.




Cunard Line shopping and restaurants in the mall Salem Massachusetts
  • Salem and Witch Museum (Boston, Massachusetts)
    Step back in time to 1692 when Salem was up in arms over the supernatural, and were accusing several women of witchcraft. You can watch a reenactment of this fascinating period of history at The Witch Museum. But Salem is more than witches, and at one point it was the wealthiest city in America. Learn more about this past at the town’s waterfront and wharf.




Cunard Line Royal Palace of Amsterdam
  • Heineken Experience (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
    On your way to the Heineken brewery you’ll first pass some major sites in Amsterdam like the Royal Palace, the Mint Tower and a 15th century church called Nieuwe Kerk. The brewery you visit was in operation for more than 100 years, and after it closed in 1988 it was renovated as a place for beer lovers to learn about Heineken and its production. Here you’ll go on an interactive tour and sample two of the company’s brews.




Cunard Line Lighthouse in Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Halifax by Bike (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
    See the beauty of Halifax by bicycle. It’s a great way to experience both the natural sites and the interesting architecture of the city. You’ll be led by a guide through the historical South End where you’ll see the home of George Wright, a millionaire who made his fortune by printing business directories. You’ll pass through Point Pleasant Park and ride through tree-lined streets before getting back into the heart of the city.



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Cunard Transatlantic Departure Ports

Learn more about the different departure ports for a Transatlantic cruise with Cunard Line. Your Cunard Line Transatlantic cruise could embark from any of the following cities:

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