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Celebrity Cruises Youth Programs

Family-friendly cruising means preparing a comprehensive youth program that offers something for every type of cruiser. Xbox experiences, Nerdel nutrition and even hands-on videography learning courses—Celebrity Cruises truly offers an unparalleled Youth Program. Take a look at what they have to offer for your next cruise.


Celebrity Cruises youth program Xbox at Sea
  • Xbox at Sea
    Digital dudes and divas, this is quite the Xbox experience. You can play solo, tournament-style, or even in a gaming theme night—for everyone from rookies to pros, and even the parents too! Free Play is available with Xbox 360 and Kinect during certain hours at the Fun Factory and XClub if you register ahead of time, and there are Zumba parties and sports tournaments for adults.


Celebrity Cruises youth program iTake
  • iTake
    Think you’re a movie director in the making? Celebrity Cruises offers an unbelievably cool onboard video project called iTake. You’ll be taken through a whirlwind of exciting steps, starting with storyboard brainstorming and ending with video editing. Use the GoPro Hero 3 video camera for extreme sports and even underwater shots. After the video is touched up using the Celebrity iLounge, there’ll be an XClub Film Festival & Award Ceremony for awards and showcasing skills. This 4 hour program is like no other in the industry.


Celebrity Cruises youth program Nerdel Program
  • Nerdel Program
    Celebrity Cruises cares about your children’s nutrition, as well as healthy physical activity, and they can prove it. The Nerdel Program helps your kids learn about healthy nutrition and physical activity in a fun and interactive environment with peers. Join Nerdel, goofy character from the planet Zendel, who performs, reads and plays games and music to instill knowledge in your children about taking ownership of their body and their eating habits. Split into two groups: Shipmates (ages 3-5) and Cadets (ages 6-8).


Celebrity Cruises youth program Age Groups
  • Age Groups
    The Celebrity Cruises Youth Program is split into four groups to ensure each group gets the optimal focus and programming for their age, as well as a group of peers they’ll be excited to engage with. Shipmates – Ages 3-5 • Cadets – Ages 6-8 • Ensigns – Ages 9-11 • Teens – Ages 12-17.


Celebrity Cruises youth program Toddler Time
  • Toddler Time (<3 years old)
    This special time for toddlers is a great way to have your child (under 3 years old) to interact with other tot cruisers. Fun Factory Staff members have toys, changing tables, baby wipes and programs so your child will enjoy the cruise as much as you do. Toddler Time is available during select times each day. Contact your consultant for more information.


Celebrity Cruises youth program Fun Factory
  • Fun Factory (ages 3-11)
    Junior cruisers will delight in the fantastic Fun Factory where activities and programs are available from 9AM-10PM each day. Gaming technology, exciting sports, musical programs, dance competitions, treasure hunts, parties, movies and more are all available for cruisers ages 3-11.


Celebrity Cruises youth program X-Club
  • X-Club Teen Entertainment
    Teenagers can find a place to hang out with others their age in the X-Club. This area features new gaming consoles, sports activities and teen-only late night dances. Activities are supervised and hosted by Youth Counselors.


Celebrity Cruises youth program Special Needs
  • Special Needs (Pagers)
    If your child has disabilities, special needs or allergies, there are pagers available for your use onboard.


Celebrity Cruises youth program Babysitting
  • Babysitting Services
    Parents can head out for the night and have some fun when they use Celebrity’s babysitting services in the Fun Factory or individual staterooms. For only $6 per hour per child, your child can participate in the Afternoon Party from 12-2PM while the cruise ship is at port or the night time Slumber Party from 10PM-1AM. For $19 per hour, you can have up to three children in the same family taken care of in your stateroom privately. Children must be 12 months or older to be eligible for in-stateroom, and must be arranged for 24 hours in advance.


Celebrity Cruises youth program VIP Passes
  • V.I.P. Passes for Kids
    If you’d like your child to have unlimited access to all programs and activities, you can buy the one-time V.I.P. Pass for over 40% savings off the cost of lunch, dinner and slumber parties. They’ll receive an exclusive goodies bag at the Fun Factory, enjoy exclusive Fun Factory experiences like a behind-the-scenes ship tour and more.


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