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Celebrity Cruises South Pacific / Tahiti Cruises

When you sail through the South Pacific with Celebrity Cruises, you can dine on cuisine using local ingredients and French influence in New Caledonia, all while admiring the unique French-inspired architecture. Plus, meet exotic animals while you relax on the beaches of the uninhabited Mystery Island when you cruise the South Pacific with Celebrity Cruises. Locals in this area are happy to sell their crafts and wares to guests looking to bring home a special souvenir. Celebrity Cruises in the South Pacific provide unparalleled amenities in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. When you get to Loyalty Island, adventure awaits for those brave enough to traverse the caves and mountains to the panoramic views offered by the cliffs along the coast. For more information on Celebrity Cruises and the beautiful South Pacific, please call 1-800-377-9383 to speak to one of the expert consultants at The Cruise Web.


Things to Do on a South Pacific Cruise with Celebrity Cruises


Imagine a private, secluded beach on an island that has never been inhabited by humans. In the South Pacific, you'll find completely untouched landscapes brimming with exotic animals and foliage. Maybe you want to learn something new on your vacation; choosing Celebrity Cruises in the South Pacific will immerse you in the Tahitian culture and give you the chance to interact with locals who happily demonstrate and share their traditions and cuisine. Then, dive deep into the reefs as you surround yourself with colorful coral and eye-catching marine life. Combine all of these once-in-a-lifetime experiences in one destination, and that destination is the South Pacific, on a Celebrity cruise. There are all kinds of different activities to do here, so everyone will have something memorable to experience! Check out a few of our recommendations below:



South Pacific Wood Art
  • Tjibaou Cultural Center (Noumea, New Caledonia)
    Explore the culture of the Kanak people at the Tjibaou Cultural Center. Here, you will find examples and explanations of various Kanak crafts, traditions and architecture. The Kanak people are believed to have lived in New Caledonia since 1500 BC.




Sea Turtle in the South Pacific
  • Turtle Bay (Isle of Pines, New Caledonia)
    Enjoy a boat ride, accompanied by a local tour guide, into the beautiful bays of the Isle of Pines. One of these bays is Turtle Bay, one of the few places where sea turtles can be observed in their natural habitats. After a long day, be sure to enjoy the traditional food that the natives will offer you!




Glass-bottom Boat Tour
  • Glass Bottom Tours (Mystery Island, Vanuatu)
    Take this unique opportunity to see tropical fish and rare coral from the comfort of a boat. A glass bottom will allow you to stare directly through the crystal clear water and into a fascinating ecosystem. Feeling adventurous? Venture out on your own in a glass bottom kayak!




Vanilla Bean Plantation
  • Lifou's Vanilla House (Lifou, Loyalty Island)
    Tantalize your sense of smell when visiting a vanilla plantation on this tropical island. After learning about the complexities of vanilla cultivation, take a hike through the forest to see the local animals and plants that make this such a fertile ground.




Refreshing Coconut Drink
  • Cliffs of Jokin (Tribu Doking, New Caledonia)
    Towering 120 feet above sea level, you're "Jokin" if you think you've seen anything like this before. Picturesque cliffs made of fossilized coral overlook clear blue water, teeming with exotic marine life. Have a seat, enjoy a coconut milk drink, and wait to watch the whales swimming in the distance.




Tradition Hut in Lifou
  • Melanesian Encounter (Lifou, Loyalty Island)
    Journey to the traditional village of Hnathalo where you will be surrounded by Melanesian culture. Visit the chief's house, a traditional mud hut, where you will be treated to a lesson on how to make bougna, a dish prepared for Melanasian feasts.



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Learn about the possible departure ports for your South Pacific and Tahiti cruise with Celebrity Cruises. Your modern Celebrity Cruises South Pacific voyage could begin in any of the following departure ports:

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