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Carnival Cruise Line Youth Programs

Cruises are all about spending time together and experiencing new and exciting things as a family. That being said, there’s a time and a place for personal moments and a bit of space. Carnival offers a myriad of Youth Program options, including Camp Carnival, Club O2 and more.


Carnival youth programs Camp Carnival
  • Camp Carnival
    Your children will be delighted on your vacation while spending time in Camp Carnival. Imagine the perfect mix between summer camp and a trusted babysitter—featuring activities that focus on three age groups: 2-5 years, 6-8 years and 9-11 years. You kids will be in the most responsible of hands, with camp counselors that have education and childcare experience, making sure everyone is having a fantastic time. Includes mealtime—menus include favorites like mac and cheese, chicken nuggets and more.


Carnival youth programs Camp Carnival Night Owls
  • Camp Carnival Night Owls
    For a fee, you can even leave the munchkins in the Camp Carnival Night Owls program, allowing you to enjoy yourself throughout the evening (and kids get to stay up late). Kids age eleven and under can have just as much fun as you are until 3 AM, including music, activities, games and even giveaways during supervised parties.


Carnival youth programs Circle C
  • Circle “C”
    Young teens looking for a place to connect with other cruisers, make friends in a chill environment, and enjoy cool activities like dance parties, video games, movies and competitions, and much more, all in the special “C” area around the Fun Ship. This is a great way for you to have time to explore our ship and make sure your youngsters are enjoying themselves and making connections. Circle “C” is supervised by kind and caring counselors.


Carnival youth programs Club O2
  • Club O2
    Ok teens, we know, your parents are always looking for fun family activities, but where can you go to get away and meet awesome friends your own age? There’s a place for teenagers like you onboard Carnival Cruise Lines: Club O2. Watch movies, kick back with some music you actually like, play sports, belt it out with some karaoke, and even get to know some cool people at a pool party or two. Only ages 15-17 are invited, and there are even teen-only shore excursions, meaning you can hit the shores with those who have the most in common with you.


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