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Carnival Cruise Line Onboard Activities

Carnival Cruise Lines cruise vacations will always be filled with a plethora of unbelievable onboard activities. There’s WaterWorks for those who like to get wet n’ wild, SportSquare for the athletically-inclined, and a host of bars and clubs to let loose in. Browse the options below and learn a bit more about Carnival’s onboard activities.


Carnival onboard activities Waterworks
  • Carnival Waterworks
    Get wet n’ wild and turn up the water pressure with Carnival WaterWorks. Grab your friends and the whole family for a day filled with waterslides, pipes, buckets and all the water-filled activities you can think of. Try the Twister Waterslide, which sends you plummeting through hundreds of feet of loops, swirls and soaking delight. You may race down side-by-side slides against a friend, or hop into the DrainPipe to drop into a cool, refreshing pool. Young and old will have a fantastic day at the Carnival WaterWorks. Configurations vary by ship.


Carnival onboard activities Sport Square
  • SportSquare
    Fitness meets family fun at Carnival Cruise Lines’ SportSquare. There’s high-level challenging excitement on the SkyCourse, a ropes course that will test your strength and courage. Grab a team and hit the court for some volleyball, soccer or basketball, proving your athletic prowess. Of course, you can’t forget about the host of other options, including pool, foosball, Ping-Pong and a mini-golf course that can be played both day and night.


Carnival onboard activities Cherry on Top
  • Cherry on Top
    Searching for something sweet to break up the day of exciting activities and keep you going? Treat yourself to Cherry on Top, a store that offers delicious candy ranging from taffy to toffee and everything in between. You’ll even be able to get some gear and gifts for those who aren’t fortunate enough to be cruising with you.


Carnival onboard activities Shopping
  • Shopping
    Whether you’re looking for a souvenir to take home for yourself, a holiday gift for a friend or a present for a loved one back at home, you’ll love the Shopping options onboard your Carnival Cruise Lines cruise vacation. Watches, electronics, duty-free liquor and gifts that will enhance your cruise (or someone else’s). Don’t forget to check in each day for special sales, and you won’t miss out on a single thing!


Carnival onboard activities Video Arcade
  • Video Arcade
    Head into the Video Arcade for a diverse collection of your go-to video game experiences, and maybe a few that will become future favorites. Open day and night, all you have to do is grab a few tokens from the vending machine and get your game face on. Whether you like head-to-head racing, top score challenges or a bit of both, you’ll find your video game bliss in the arcade.


Carnival onboard activities Art- Gallery
  • Art Gallery
    Feast your eyes on the stunning artistic excellence of artists such as Peter Max and Romero Britto, and search for what may become the jewel of your collection. View the most popular art in the world as you cruise the globe, and use the opportunity to bid on the perfect one for your residence. Expand your taste, awaken your spirit and show your mettle in an auction for the best of the best, all while sipping complimentary champagne. Also includes sports memorabilia, and each attendee receives a FREE work of art.


Carnival onboard activities Red Frog rum bar
  • RedFrog Rum Bar
    One onboard activity that’s received rave reviews has been the RedFrog Rum Bar. Looking for that island flavor, some intriguing people and a great time? Get your day going with a succulent selection of “frog-approved” Caribbean rum-based delights that can be ordered by the glass, or for the whole crew by the pitcher. While you’re there, don’t forget to try Carnival’s private-label draft beer, ThirstyFrog Red.


Carnival onboard activities Blue Iguana tequila-bar
  • BlueIguana Tequila Bar
    A supreme spot for a slush-style beverage or a delicious beer is the BlueIguana Tequila Bar. There’s a host of Mexican favorites from bold brews to tasty tequila, with many styles of frozen treats to kick back and enjoy. Enjoy Mexican beer cocktails, pitchers to share or a refreshing cerveza. Where can you let your troubles drift away in this incredible place? Next to the pool, of course!


Carnival onboard activities Red Frog Pub
  • RedFrog Pub
    Bring the island into your onboard experience with a day at the RedFrog Pub. The vibe is tropical, the company is fine, and you can enjoy the private-label brew ThirstyFrog Red no matter the time. Inspired by the laid-back atmosphere of Key West, you’ll find some foosball, Caribbean fare and live music in this incredible environment.


Carnival onboard activities EA Sports Bar
  • EA Sports Bar
    In a first-ever at sea, Carnival Cruise Lines has the perfect place for you sports fanatics: the EA Sports Bar. You can watch the big game, keep up with your favorite teams and play a few games yourself. There are drinks, snacks and everything you need to cheer for the big play at this fully-stocked sports bar.


Carnival onboard activities Poker
  • Poker
    It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional or a starter when it comes to the Carnival Cruise Lines poker tables. The action is hot, the atmosphere is exciting and the games are diverse. Texas Hold ‘Em, three-card and high stakes—it’s all here on your Fun Ship. There are even electronic tables without dealers. Minimum bets start at $5, but there are also opportunities for high-stakes play in both normal tables and tournaments.


Carnival onboard activities Roulette
  • Roulette
    Nothing will get your heart racing and your friends pacing like a night on the roulette table. The environment is unmatched—throw down your bet with authority and hope for some fortune to make your night a special one.


Carnival onboard activities Casino Tournaments
  • Casino Tournaments
    One thing you may not have been aware of is the availability of casino tournaments onboard your Carnival cruise. There are tournaments in everything from blackjack to poker, so bring your good fortune and get in the game.


Carnival onboard activities Alchemy Bar
  • Alchemy Bar
    No need to be a scientist-in-training to enjoy the eccentric Alchemy Bar. Those who have the time of their life at this diverse bar need only be ready for something new and unique. There are magical mixes in store for you, meaning cocktails you’ve never seen served in the form of “prescriptions.” The mixologists will find the right remedy for you, whether it is alcoholic or nonalcoholic, or create your own—who knows, maybe it’ll be an instant classic.


Carnival onboard activities Havana Bar
  • Havana Bar
    Find yourself in a Cuban café in the blink of an eye when you enter the Havana Bar. The atmosphere rings true with influences like historic literature, palm trees and some authentic music, and the cuisine will bring your taste buds to life. There are Cuban cocktails, complimentary pastries and a lively environment when the sun goes down. Romance, passion and some feisty music await you at this Carnival bar.


Carnival onboard activities Library Bar
  • The Library Bar
    For something a bit more relaxed, but not lacking in depth or sophistication, the Library Bar is the place for you. The extensive wine list will make it a difficult decision for your next glass, every time. There’s innovative self-serve wine dispensers for those who like to do it themselves, or bartenders for those who desire to be served. Intelligent conversation, a few games or a wonderful book to nestle on the couches with will make your stay in this bar a truly blissful one.


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