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Carnival Cruise Line Entertainment

With entertainment options that range from big-name celebrities to virtual thrills, Carnival Cruise Lines’ entertainment offerings are the best in the business. Choose between theatrical shows, comedic performances, interactive family-fun, and a host of diverse, exciting opportunities. Browse the options below to find out how you’ll be spending your time on one of Carnival’s Fun Ships.


Carnival entertainment Playlist Productions
  • Playlist Productions
    You’ll want to leave your seat and hit the dance floor when you choose Playlist Productions for your night of entertainment onboard Carnival Cruise Lines. Get the full theatrical experience, featuring professional singers and top-notch dancers, delivering everything from joyous smiles to emotional tears in the form of Latin Nights, Divas, Motor City, The Brits!, Epic Rock or the groovy Studio VIP.


Carnival entertainment Victory Stage Shows
  • Stage Shows
    Entertainment comes in the form of pizzazz, preposterous costumes and picturesque sets and scenery when you decide upon a Stage Show. You’ll be delighted by the uber-talented dancers, musicians and singers, bringing the crowd to life each and every night—all included in your cruise fare.


Carnival entertainment Thrill Theater
  • Thrill Theater
    You won’t just see and hear the experience when you choose Thrill Theater on your Carnival cruise; you’ll feel like you’re a part of it. In-your-face visuals of the third dimension will get your pulse racing as this feature film brings the special effects all around your body, even in your seat. Family-fun is a given when the lights go down and the screen livens up.


Carnival entertainment Hasbro game shows
  • Hasbro, The Game Show
    Think you’re a game board guru? Fashion yourself as the connoisseur of Connect 4? Put your skills to the test in a life-size, on-the-spot gaming competition with Hasbro, The Game Show. You may find yourself pushing your game piece to victory in Sorry! Sliders or following the largest directions you’ve ever heard in Simon Flash. Join your friends and family to win grand prizes as your fellow cruisers watch.


Carnival entertainment Punchliners Comedy Club
  • The Punchliner Comedy Club
    Get ready for some belly-busting laughs and smiles all around when you head over to the Punchliner Comedy Club. This entertainment option features top-notch talent chosen to bring you a diverse set of chuckles and chortles each and every night.


Carnival entertainment DJ Irie Nightclub
  • DJ Irie
    Don’t forget your dancing shoes and desire for the decks when you head out to get into the mix with DJ Irie on your next Carnival Cruise Lines vacation. Join the Spin’iversity for some hands-on training of both your DJ skills and your stage presence—followed by your graduation present: an opportunity to spin for the ship’s cruisers and get the party going.


Carnival entertainment live music Redfrog Pub
  • Live Music
    Rock ‘n’ roll, island beats, piano masters and party jams are all available on Carnival’s Fun Ships. They have chosen some of the best performers from all over to come out to sea for your aural pleasure. You may find yourself at the RedFrog Pub singing along to tropical tunes or doing your own little two-step at the Lido Deck, but however you enjoy your live entertainment, Carnival has an option for you.


Carnival entertainment SuperStar live karaoke
  • Karaoke
    Fancy yourself a master of the mic? Let your inner rock star loose or belt out your finest ballad with some onboard Karaoke. There’s traditional for those of you who aren’t ready for the pressure, or SuperStar Live Karaoke—where you’ll join a live band, some talented back-up singers, and a stage full of energy with one of the many musical choices spanning all types of genres.


Carnival entertainment Carnivals Seaside Theater
  • Carnival’s Seaside Theater
    Whether it’s a mid-day movie or nighttime flick, Carnival’s Seaside Theatre is a great way to kick back and enjoy some premium cinematic entertainment. This huge outdoor screen will show a variety of programming including movies, sports games and cartoons. Find out times and program choices by checking the Fun Times.


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