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Carnival Cruise Line Dining

Whether you’re looking for casual, specialty or wacky dining options, there’s something for everyone onboard Carnival Cruise Lines vacations. There are a wide variety of influences found on Carnival’s ‘Fun Ships’, ranging from Italian to Mongolian and everything in between. Scroll down below to start learning about the Blue Iguana Cantina, Guy’s Burger Joint and many other dining options offered by Carnival Cruise Lines.



Carnival Dining Guys Burger Joint
Guy’s Burger Joint
Don’t hesitate to bring the whole family into Carnival Cruise Lines’ favorite burger spot: Guy’s Burger Joint. Featuring one of the largest personalities at sea in Food Network’s Guy Fieri, you can feast upon some incredibly tasty (and downright stylin’) burgers, and ‘take it off-road’ using the fresh topping bar.




Carnival Chibang Chinese and Mexican Restaurant
Chibang! Chinese + Mexican Cuisine (Sample Menu)
This new two-in-one restaurant concept from Carnival Cruise Line presents the dual delights of authentic Chinese and Mexican food. One venue with two distinct menus, Chibang draws from both Chinese and Mexican culture. Enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner—such as Kung Pao Chicken and Slow-Braised Pork Belly, or Pescado Frito, Tacos and more—with floor-to-ceiling windows!




A classic lobster roll aboard Carnival
Seafood Shack
Imagine a New England coastal restaurant with great people and even better seafood, then put it on a ship!




Guy's Pig and Anchor aboard Carnival
Guy's Pig & Anchor Bar-B-Que Smokehouse
Slow smoked brisket, ribs and anything you can imagine can be found here, the newest Guy Fieri restaurant aboard Carnival. Select ships only.




Fresh Creations aboard Carnival
Fresh Creations
Serenity Spa and... salad? That's right! Enjoy a relaxing spa day and visit this fresh chopped salad bar right inside the spa. This option is 21+.




Swirls Ice Cream aboard Carnival
If you don't have any room left for dessert right after dinner, have no fear—Swirls is your go-to 24/7 self-serve ice cream stop.




Ol' Fashioned BBQ aboard Carnival
Ol' Fashioned BBQ
Smoked meats, hearty sides and family make you feel like you're at a backyard barbecue. Look to the side, and you're at sea aboard a ship that feels like home.




Seaday Brunch aboard Carnival
Seaday Brunch
Whether you're an early bird or a heavy sleeper, you won't miss out on this brunch during sea days. Brunch favorites like French toast and huevos rancheros fill the table, and since you're not leaving the ship all day, enjoy a mimosa... or two.




The Carnival Deli aboard Carnival
The Carnival Deli
Deli classics such as grilled Reubens and cold cuts make you feel like you're at your local deli.




Burrito Bar aboard Carnival
Burrito Bar
On Carnival, guac isn't extra, its included. Customized burritos, filled with the freshest ingredients, can be found bursting at the seams at the Burrito Bar.




Captain's Pasta Bar aboard Carnival
Captain's Pasta Bar
Choose a pasta. Choose a sauce. Add extras. Repeat. All you can eat pasta prepared with traditional Italian recipes make this an option you just can't miss out on.




RedFrog Pub aboard Carnival
RedFrog Pub
Sit back and enjoy a glass of craft beer made onboard, soak in the Caribbean atmosphere, and take in some class pub fare.




Off The Grill aboard Carnival
Off The Grill
Don't feel like leaving the pool just yet? Carnival's grill masters prepare burgers, hot dogs, and anything else you can think of, as long as it's grilled.




Tandoor aboard Carnival
Turn up the heat! Traditionally prepared in a 1,000+ degree clay oven, well-seasoned, and obviously delicious, the food at Tandoor will have you coming back for more.




Sweet Spot aboard Carnival
Sweet Spot
This popular dessert bar is heaven on earth, featuring treats like chocolate cheesecake, cookies, pie and fruity medleys.




Carnival Dining Blueiguana Cantina
BlueIguana Cantina
When it comes to Mexican cuisine, there’s no authority like a blue iguana (at least Carnival’s version). There are fresh, tasty tacos and burritos that will delight your taste buds, as well as tortillas and salsa to munch on the side. With a host of salsas and sauces to choose from, this casual dining venue will have the whole family coming back for more.




Carnival dining Cucina del Capitano
Cucina Del Capitano
Shout ‘ciao’ to everyday cruise cuisine with the exciting Cucina Del Capitano: a restaurant that tips its dining cap to Italian-American heritage and culinary technique. With recipes inspired by Carnival’s Italian captains’ and officers’ childhood memories, family-style service and plating and a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere, you’ll feel as though you’re inside an Italian countryside villa. Complimentary casual pasta lunch is available during the day, while the full-service dinner menu comes at an extra charge.




Carnival dining Bonsai Sushi
Bonsai Sushi
Bonsai is the ultimate sushi experience. Enjoy a specialty dining experience that offers forward-thinking seafood cuisine, succulent soy and a unique atmosphere you won’t soon forget. Dine upon an affordable menu of sushi, sea fare, soups, sides, sakes and sweets as you experience cultural kite celebrations and aptly chosen bonsai trees on the Promenade Deck. Sushi can be purchased by the roll, box or even a ship—feeding two and really keeping them satisfied.




Carnival dining Ji Ji Asian Kitchen
Ji Ji Asian Kitchen
Dine upon delicious Asian fare in an environment inspired by centuries of culture and culinary history at the Ji Ji Asian Kitchen. Fill your cruise with tasty food and good fortune, enjoying specialty dining with Mongolian fabrics, stir-fry and everything from the exotic to familiar dishes that will bring your taste buds to life. You can indulge upon complimentary stir-fry at lunch, or come back in the evening for a full-service, affordable menu during dinner.




Carnival dining Main Dining Room
Main Dining Room (Signature Dining)
Once you’ve spent your day participating in incredible onboard activities or heading ashore for a sweet cruise excursion, it’s time to sit down and relax with the whole family at one of the delightful main dining rooms. You can choose between “Your Time Dining”, for those of you who eat whenever the mood arises, or a set dining time. Set dining times that can be chosen from are “Early Dining” (6:00PM) and “Late Dining” (8:15PM), each offering a menu filled with succulent choices.




Carnival dining Casual Dining
Casual Dining
Low-key diners can relish in the casual dining options onboard a Carnival Cruise Lines cruise vacation. Head over to the Lido Buffet for open seating, kid’s options, and some wonderful ocean views. Or, feast 24-hours of your cruising day at the Pizzeria, which offers calzones and more. Each option, including 24/7 room service, is complimentary during your Carnival cruise.




Carnival dining The Taste Bar
The Taste Bar
While you’re cruising to new and exciting destinations, be sure to give your taste buds the ride of their life as well. The Taste Bar is the ideal spot for a unique flavor of the day, pulling from each of the dining venues onboard. This is the perfect way to try a delicious new appetizer before dinner—and it’s always complimentary.




Carnival dining Steakhouse
Book a table for you and yours at the Steakhouse onboard your Carnival cruise for some beef cooked to the perfect temperature, seafood that will make your mouth water, and so much more. Offered at the affordable price of $35 per person, revel in the upscale atmosphere, choose from an extensive wine list, and indulge upon the culinary mastery of the chefs. Reservations recommended.




Carnival dining Pizzeria del Capitano
Pizzeria del Capitano
On the Lido Deck, awaiting you in the Lido Marketplace, you can find the Pizzeria del Capitano, which pulls the Italian culinary influence from Cucina del Capitano and delivers a pizza you’ll want for yourself. Grab a slice with your choice of some incredible toppings layered over fresh mozzarella, any time of day or night, for free.




Carnival dining Mongolian Wok
Mongolian Wok
Asian delights come in the way you choose when you visit the Mongolian Wok for some tasty cuisine any hour of the day. Pick your noodles, decide on some veggies, and select some choice meat and sauce to be sizzled and served to your apprehensive taste buds. Served 24/7, in any combo you like.




Carnival dining Chefs Table
Chef’s Table
Treat yourself to a special, one-of-a-kind specialty dining experience onboard your next Carnival Cruise Lines vacation with the Chef’s Table. Join a master chef host for a VIP night of cuisine. First, enjoy some drinks and hors d’oeuvres with 11 other fortunate diners, followed by a tour of the galley. Next, indulge upon a full-service supper featuring appetizers, entrees and desserts that you won’t find on the regular menus. Dining at the Chef’s Table is by reservation, with limited seating, for $75 per person, booked through the ship’s guest information desk.




Carnival dining Javablue Cafe
JavaBlue Café
Enjoy baked treats, snacks and, of course, your daily dose of ‘joe’ at the JavaBlue Café. Beat the coffee craving whenever you desire and fuel up for your exciting days upon Carnival’s Fun Ships.




Carnival dining Shake Spot
Shake Spot
Kick back at the Shake Spot for a refreshing break from the excitement and activity-filled joy of your time aboard a Carnival cruise. There’s a shake for every type of cruiser, whether you’re looking for a classic, tropical, alcoholic or eccentric treat.




Carnival dining Coffee Bar
Coffee Bar
Styled after Europe’s finest street cafes, the Coffee Bar is the place for you to take a break, grab a specialty coffee or tea, and munch on a homemade pastry delight. Milk shakes, frozen desserts or baked goods like cookies and cakes are available to you whenever you need.





Beverage Packages
Beverage Packages
Bottoms up on your Carnival cruise! Quench your thirst for adventure and quench your actual thirst on this unforgettable cruise.



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