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When cruising Asia with Carnival, you are in for an unforgettable vacation! From the wide range of fun onboard activities to incredible sights and tastes ashore, a Carnival cruise to Asia has something for the whole family! Indulge in new cuisine, explore ancient temples or simply relax onboard – the choice is yours with Carnival. To learn more about Carnival cruises to Asia, call your cruise consultant today at 1-800-377-9383!


Throughout Asia, there is so many incredible sights to see and once-in-a-lifetime experiences to have and they are best done with family on a fun Carnival Cruise. Whether you’re a goodie eating your way through exotic spices, colorful flavors and lots of rice or you simply want to admire the scared temples that have graced this part of the world for thousands of years. Even if culture is not your thing, some of the best shopping in the world can be found in many Asian ports! Look below at some of our favorite things to do in Asia with Carnival:


Carnival Asia Excursions


Face to face with elephants in Bali

Creatures & Culture

Enjoy an elephant safari while ashore in Bali, Indonesia. Apart from the wonder of seeing elephants frolicking in their natural environment, Bali is a cultural epicenter in Indonesia, home to active volcanoes, ancient temples and more.


Lush rice paddies at the foot of Mount Rinjani

Outdoors like Never Before

If you like to get outside, a cruise to Asia with Carnival will introduce you to a whole new outdoor landscape, from white sand beaches to lush jungles and barren volcanic hills, all in one port!


Surfer on beach in Lombok

Lose Yourself in Lombok

A hidden oasis in Indonesia, Lombok is the perfect place to escape the hustle of everyday life and find serenity in nature. Stroll the white sand beaches, hike through the mountains or simply escape into tranquility at the ancient Lingsar Temple, a beautifully adorned building complete with a moat.


Nightclub concert in Jakarta

Party in Jakart-ty

One of the most heavily populated cities in the world, every corner of Jakarta, Indonesia is filled with energy! From couriers zipping through the streets on a moped, to freshly made street food and shows in the street, there’s never a quiet moment when you visit Jakarta on an Asia Carnival cruise.



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