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Ganges River cruises with Avalon Waterways allow you to experience the rich culture and colorful history of India from the comfort of a luxurious Avalon Waterways river ship. You’ll see amazing things, from the untainted riverside villages where the locals might invite you in for dinner, to the splendor of Hindu temples and lavish palaces of former leaders. See how the unique topography of the region shaped their history, culture, religion, and every aspect of life in India. While here, Avalon Waterways’ guests also have the chance to pay respects to some of the most well-known religious figures in the history, Gandhi and Mother Teresa. Avalon Waterways offers passengers an immersive experience in India, from regional cuisine onboard to exclusive excursions in iconic locations like Bollywood! If you’re ready for your Ganges River cruise with Avalon Waterways, call 1-800-377-9383 today to speak with one of our expert cruise consultants!


Things to Do on an India River Cruise with Avalon Waterways


In India, there are thousands of years of colorful history and distinctive culture waiting to be discovered when you cruise the Ganges with Avalon Waterways! Visit the capital of Delhi, immerse yourself in the customs of local villages, and of course, see the Taj Mahal! A must-see in India, this 15th century mausoleum, is widely considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Continue below for a few of our favorite things to do in India:


Elephantana Caves
  • Elephanta Caves (Elephanta Island, India)
    Dubbed the “City of Caves,” this UNESCO Heritage site is one of the most holy locations in India! Within the caves, there are a number of temples, predominately dedicated to Shiva, or “the great god” in Hinduism.


Dhavari Slum
  • The Real Slumdog Millionaires (Dharavi, India)
    Before it was a blockbuster film, the original slum dog millionaire was born in the slum of Dhavari. Open air markets, unique people, and so much more will have you leaving here inspired, and most of all, appreciative.


Amber Palace in Jaipur
  • Amber Palace (Jaipur, Rajasthan)
    On a hill overlooking Jaipur, the Amber Palace was completed in 1592 using the ruins of a fort that had been built in the 11th century! Here, you’ll learn about the former leaders of the Jaipur state, try authentic cuisine, and marvel at the enormity of the structure built with no modern tools.


  • Ghats (Various locations)
    A tradition in India, the banks of the Ganges River are lined with steps called Ghats. These Ghats are intended to ease entrance into the water, where, according to the lore, submersion results in the cleansing of sin! While the water may be murky to visitors, watch as the locals jump for joy and celebrate their new beginning.


Angkor Ban
  • Taj Mahal (Agra, India)
    In a recent poll that consisted of over 100 million votes, the Taj Mahal was the winner of the New7Wonders of the World contest as the top wonder of the world! So of course, while you’re cruising with Avalon Waterways, you have to make sure you stop here.


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Avalon Waterways River Cruises India Departure Ports

Learn about the potential departure ports for your India river cruise on the Ganges River with Avalon Waterways. Your spectacular Avalon Waterways India river cruise could embark from any of the following departure ports:

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