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Atlas Ocean Voyages South America Cruises

An Atlas Ocean Voyages cruise to South America is a chance to roam into the unique countries of Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and more. Immerse yourself in the diverse, colorful of culture of the region during various Carnival celebrations, tantalize your tastebuds with the vibrant flavors of local cuisine or simply ascend a mountain for a chance at a once in a lifetime photo. No matter what South America cruise you choose, you’ll be treated to the unmatched onboard amenities of Atlas Ocean Voyages. For more information on cruising in South America with Atlas Ocean Voyages, contact your Cruise Web consultant at 1-800-377-9383!


Things to Do on a South America cruise with Atlas Ocean Voyages


South America is an incredible destination with rich history, expansive beaches and exquisite cuisine, all best explored with Atlas Ocean Voyages. In almost every port on a South America cruise, the choice is yours to strap on hiking boots to venture to unrivaled panoramas like the view from the Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro or grab your sunglasses for a relaxing day at the secluded beaches in many places. No matter what you do, an Atlas Ocean Voyages cruise to South America will perfectly blend the luxury you deserve with the adventure you crave. Continue below for more information on exactly what you can do in South America with Atlas Ocean Voyages:



Gold Rush City of Paraty, Brazil
  • Adrenaline and Gold Rush (Paraty, Brazil)
    A small town with a rich (literally) history is still hiding some treasures. Pan for gold in Paraty while you hike your way to the swallowing stone, somewhat of a natural waterslide disappearing into a jungle cave.




Remote Snorkeling Beach in San Blas Islands, Panama
  • World-Class Snorkeling (San Blas Islands, Panama)
    With an island for each day of the year, I’m sure you would gladly spend a day exploring each one. Inhabited by a traditional tribal people, these islands are rich in culture and due to their remote nature, are home to some of the finest reefs for snorkeling in South America.




Machu Picchu with Atlas Ocean Voyages
  • Gateway to Machu Picchu (Callao (Lima), Peru)
    Cross Machu Picchu off your bucket list with a stop in Lima on your Atlas Ocean Voyages South America cruise. Venture to the 15th century fortress, high in the Peruvian mountains, for a chance to explore one of the Seven Wonders of the World.




Breaching whale off Argentinian coast
  • Whale Watching & Wildlife (Puerto Madryn, Argentina)
    Bask in the wonder of wildlife enjoying their natural habitat in Puerto Madryn, Argentina. Widely considered one of the best whale watching places in the world, you’re bound to catch a glimpse of a breaching whale or be treated to a haunting chorus of their songs. Not only is the wildlife exquisite, but the expansive beaches make this city a must in Argentina.




Iconic Punta Del Estes beach sculpture
  • Sunbathe or Splash (Punta del Este, Uruguay)
    Boasting the best beaches in South America, Punta del Este makes it easy to choose: sunbathe or splash? Playa Brava, or “wild beach” is home to great surfing and rough waters, while the “tame beach”, Playa Mansa, is better for sipping a drink from a coconut and soaking up the rays.




Atlas Ocean Voyages Cruise Ship in the Panama Canal
  • Engineering Marvels of the Past (Panama Canal, Panama)
    Mark your name down with the greatest explorers of our time after transiting the Panama Canal with Atlas Ocean Voyages. As the locks fill and lift up your ship, peer off your balcony in amazement at this man-made miracle of engineering.




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