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AmaWaterways Accessibility

AmaWaterways attempts to provide a remarkable vacation experience for all its guests, and that includes making specific accommodations to meet certain needs of guests with special requests, restricted diets or mobility concerns.

If you have any special needs or accessibility concerns, please notify your cruise consultant as quickly as possible. This helps ensure that we are matching you with a product fit for your particular travel needs, and provides AmaWaterways with more time to accommodate your requests.

Continue below to learn more about how AmaWaterways accommodates guests with dietary needs or accessibility concerns.


AmaWaterways Accommodates Dietary Needs
Dietary Needs
To help AmaWaterways accommodate dietary restrictions and/or allergies, please let your cruise consultant know as soon as possible so that we can inform the cruise line. Unfortunately, AmaWaterways is unable to accommodate kosher diets as the requirements cannot be met within the line's shipboard environment. Please note that AmaWaterways cannot guarantee against any cross-contamination.


Lounge aboard AmaWaterways
Wheelchair Accessibility Onboard
While select AmaWaterways river ships do feature elevators between their two main decks, overall wheelchair accessibility is very limited on board. In fact, staterooms are not designed to accommodate wheelchairs, so guests would need to be able to more around their room without their wheelchair. Additionally, guests need to be able to get on and off the ship without the use of a wheelchair, which may require navigating narrow planks or, in cases where the ship docks by tying up to other river ships in port, traveling through another ship with only stair access. For itineraries in Africa or Southeast Asia, guests must be able bodied (many roads are unpaved, and AmaWaterways' ships in these destinations do not have elevators). If you have any accessibility concerns, please contact The Cruise Web's cruise consultants to discuss if AmaWaterways is a good fit.


Man in a wheelchair
Wheelchair Accessibility on Land
Many of the cities visited are historic, featuring cobblestones walkways, steep stairs and uneven paths. As such, they are not especially handicap accessible, and may be challenging to explore in a wheelchair. Also, when touring via motor coach (the main form of land-based transportation), guests will need to climb a few steep steps when entering or exiting the coach. When in doubt, please speak with one of The Cruise Web's cruise consultants to see if AmaWaterways is right for you.


Touring on land with AmaWaterways
Medical Facilities
For European river cruises, there are no medical facilities on board. However, if needed, medical services are available to be called from shore. For Southeast Asia and Africa itineraries, there are no doctors or nurses on board. In the event that medical assistance is required, the appropriate medical facilities will be contacted (response times will vary based on location).


Additional considerations for guests with special needs, per AmaWaterways River Cruise Line:

"Disabled Participants: Handicapped facilities are not available on board or in many places visited on the cruises and cruise tours [AmaWaterways] offers. If you (participant) have a disability and reasonable accommodation may enable you to use the services, please let [AmaWaterways] know how you believe [they] can help. Participant must inform [AmaWaterways] in writing, at or immediately after making the reservation, but in any event as early as possible, of any mobility impairment or other condition, whether physical, emotional or mental, which may require accommodation or use of an assistive device during the travel. A reasonable effort will be made to accommodate special needs, but [AmaWaterways] are not responsible for denial of service by carriers, hotels, or other independent suppliers. A participant, who, due to impairment, is not self-sufficient, may be required to travel with a companion who shall take responsibility for assistance needed during travel and in case of emergency. An individual with a disability that would result in a direct threat to the health and safety of others or to that individual may be excluded, if it is determined there is a significant risk that cannot be eliminated or reduced to an acceptable level by reasonable accommodations, policies, practices, procedures assistive devices or services. If participant fails to timely inform [AmaWaterways] of any impairment or condition, and it is determined based on information that participant should have provided that participation poses a safety risk to participant or direct health or safety threat to others, participant may be excluded from parts or all of the travel. [AmaWaterways] shall have no liability to participant relating to any condition, treatment, failure to inform [AmaWaterways] of an impairment, or resulting exclusion."

"Medical: Medical doctors are not available on any vessel. If medical services are required, efforts to contact local medical providers will be made. A participant requiring such assistance is solely responsible for all related charges. [AmaWaterways] will not be responsible or liable for sufficiency of [their] efforts to reach medical providers, unavailability, delay, quality or other aspect of any such services. Participant is encouraged at time of booking and well before departure, to review participant's health and medical conditions and insurance and consult participant's health care and insurance providers regarding needs and scope of coverage for any incident or need that may occur during travel, and to obtain supplemental health and medical insurance for the travel, as needed."


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