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Azamara Beverage Package Options

When you're at home, you can choose whatever drinks you want, whenever you want! Shouldn't a luxurious Azamara Cruise be the same?


Azamara wants you to feel at home with your beverages of choice throughout the entire cruise. While soft drinks and limited alcohol options are included within the price of admission, additional packages can be purchased, giving you more diverse options. Azamara strives to keep their package prices affordable, allowing you to focus on all the other glorious aspects of your experience.

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Why should I choose a beverage package?

  • Convenience - Order up! But don't worry about swiping your card. This one is included with your beverage package.
  • Transparency - Add a beverage package to eliminate surprises from extra charges for top-shelf drinks once you return.
  • Variety - If you like any drink other than iced tea, coffe, and tap water then a drink package is perfect for you, as most drinks, such as juice, carry a charge.


A beer

Premium Package

This package includes a great selection of the world's most popular brands of spirits and beer. With multiple name-brands to choose from, you're likely to find your favorite, and still have the option to try something new. Relax with bottled beers, limited draughts, well-known liquors, or any cocktail of your choosing.

$15.95 USD per person, per day.



A fruity cocktail

Ultimate Package

With the Ultimate Package, you get to enjoy all the benefits of the Premium Package, along with a ton of high-end extras. Added to the already impressive liquor list are single-malt and blended scotches, and various cognacs, brandies, and bourbon. You'll also find a wide array of red, white, rose, and sparkling wines. Non-alcoholic options include coffee and espresso drinks, as well as Evian and Perrier brand bottled waters.

$21.95 USD per person, per day.



Some champgane bottles

Wine Lover Package

If you are enamored by wine, the Wine Lover's option allows you to purchase packages of five, seven, ten, or twelve bottles. At this level, you may choose from any bottle valued at $50 or less which includes more than eighty varieties of red, white, rose, and sparkling.

Prices ranges from $180 USD to $350 USD



A wall-mounted wine display

Wine Connoisseur Package

This next level is for true wine aficionados and includes all bottles valued between $51 and $75. With more than fifty exquisite wines, you'll have your pick from whites, reds, sparkling, and even a few dessert wines.

Prices ranges from $315 USD to $630 USD



* Drink package details and pricing subject to change; accurate at time of publication.

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