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Yangtze River Cruises to China - Avalon Waterways

The Yangtze River is a powerful and beautiful waterway that will serve as your home for a week or more on an Avalon Waterways river cruise through China and some of its neighbors. Avalon offers a few separate itineraries featuring the Yangtze River. These China river cruise itineraries will surely surprise you as you become immersed in the history, landscape and culture of this expansive part of the world.

Most of Avalon's Yangtze River itineraries begin or end in either Shanghai or Beijing. These cities are the biggest in China and are home to the country's most popular attractions. Shanghai's Yuyuan Gardens are popular with tourists, and right fully so as these classic gardens will take you back to the 16th century. While in Beijing, make sure to visit the nearby section of the Great Wall of China which features over 500 miles in Beijing alone. Guests are also encouraged to visit the Imperial Palace, residence for China's past emperors.

Avalon Waterways' Yangtze River cruises feature more than just amazing cities, you'll also see some of the most beautiful landscapes in China. The Three Gorges, for example, are three sections of the Yangtze River that are sheltered by towering rocks on each bank, a strikingly beautiful river cruise setting. Another popular scenic section of Yangtze River cruising exists throughout Lijiang where you'll discover mesmerizing mountain landscapes and colorful cultures. Some of Avalon Waterways' China river cruise itineraries also visit Tibet where guests can visit the Dalai Lama's summer palace in Lhasa. While there, take time to visit a nearby monastery and hospital to learn about Tibetan natural remedies. Continue below for a few more ideas of the experiences available on a Yangtze River cruise with Avalon Waterways:

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Cliffs of the Three Gorges in China
  • Tour the towering red pagoda of Shibaozhai, a stoic 12-story memorial built into the hillside along the Yangtze River. After exploring this 400-year-old wooden pagoda, return to your Avalon ship for a special Captain's party.
  • Witness the world's largest hydroelectric dam as you tour the Three Gorges Dam site before navigating the third of the Three Gorges, which is bordered by rocky hills and towering cliffs.
Summer Palace in Tibet
  • Immerse yourself in Chinese history at the Shanghai Museum, featuring one of the world's finest collections of ancient ceramics, jewel and metal works. Afterwards, visit the quiet French Concession area with charming streets, unique architecture and delicious eats.
  • Explore the Dalai Lama's Summer Palace in Lhasa, Tibet and discover a newfound sense of peace as you relax in the expansive landscaped gardens.
The Great Wall of China
  • Walk along the Great Wall of China, which winds its way over 4,000 miles across northern China, and enjoy the panoramic views from atop this man-made marvel.
  • Visit the tomb of emperor Qin Shi Huangdi in Xi'an and try to count the life-sized army of Terracotta Warriors that were buried nearby as his eternal guardians.


Each of Avalon Waterways' Yangtze River cruise itineraries provides an unforgettable experience through China, all from an elegant river cruise ship. While sailing aboard your Avalon Waterways river ship, you will dine in style with a welcoming Peking duck dinner, and have access to beautiful staterooms with wonderful views of the Yangtze and its surroundings. Call a Cruise Web consultant today to book your Avalon Waterways Yangtze River cruise.


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