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Bring the Far East just a little bit closer with a Royal Caribbean Asia Cruise. Asia is a destination filled with the best aspects of many other destinations. You can find something that fits your desires in every port. Sail with award-winning Royal Caribbean for an experience that will be as comprehensive as it is unforgettable. All of your needs onboard will be met with flying colors, including convenient amenities, top-notch service, and tasty food.

But don’t spoil your appetite for discovery on the ship. Just outside the ship in port, adventure lies in each and every city and country you will visit. You may find yourself exploring the eastern side of Borneo, which is relatively untouched by the world, and may hold secrets that only you can find. Get up close and personal with some Komodo dragons around the Komodo and Rinca Islands in Indonesia, or head to the deserted beaches filled with natural beauty and treasures of the sea.

If you want to immerse yourself in international cultures, look no further than a Royal Caribbean Asia Cruise. Spend some time in Bangkok, and really test the limits of your palate with some Nam Pla (aromatic fish sauce) and other Thai flavors like curry and chili paste. Lose yourself in the streets of Hong Kong, where you will find a hustle-and-bustle high-paced lifestyle many would compare to the Big Apple. Delve into Cambodian religious traditions and take a cruise excursion to one of many ancient temples.

A Royal Caribbean Cruise to Asia is a step away from the ordinary, and an expansion of the mind with such a diverse offering of cultures, tastes and people.

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